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COVID-19 And Employee Recognition Programs: Taking The Event Online

Employee recognition is something that you can not ignore or compromise at any cost if you really care for your employees. Everyone knows how difficult it has become to survive in this global pandemic. Covid-19 has made us change our lifestyle and working style as well.

So, now look into the ways of recognizing your employees in this time of “new normal,” when physical distance and staying at home are considered as primary requirements. You can start with Employee recognitions and reward them with custom engraved crystal awards to appreciate their hard work.

Employee Recognition During And After Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle along with our working styles. So, with our working style during Covid-19, you also need to change the way you recognize the hard and good work of your employees. Here are some ideas that you can implement during this global coronavirus pandemic. The best thing is that you also can continue it after this pandemic as well.

1.     Show More Care And Concern

It is important to make each employee feel they mean a lot to your organization. Show more care and concern to them. Ask their family and close ones how they are doing. Assure your employee to seek any kind of help in case they are needed.

2.     Develop An Employee Community Online

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, when physical distancing is a necessity, develop an online employee community. Ask every employee to be a part of it and share their present situation and updates there so that you know how they are doing. It will also lighten the tough situation.

3.     Share Positive News

In this tough situation, when we are witnessing some bad news every day, share some good news with your employees. Tell how well the company is doing after a tough time. This will surely boost their energy and motivate them to work better and stay positive.

4.     Offer Extra Support To Worried Staff

Every person does not have the same ability to handle tough situations. Offering support to those staff who are going through a tougher time and facing some mental trauma or issues. You never know what the other person is going through, so be kind and gentle with everyone.

5.     Hold Virtual Celebrations

While we can not ignore physical distancing, we can come close virtually. Celebrate those special days or occasions virtually the same way you used to celebrate before the pandemic. Celebrate your organization’s success or any individual employee’s success.

6.     Ask About Home Situations

As I have mentioned earlier, showing some extra care and concern will do a lot. Ask about how things are going at your employee’s home. If anything is not so well, offer extra help and support after all your employees are working for your organization, so it is also your responsibility to take care of them.

7.     Limit Emails To Office Hours

Help your employee to maintain a work-life balance. Limit all those work emails till office hours only. Give them time to spend with their family, friends, and love ones. Try not to call or mail them before or after office hours. You also can check for principles to lead your company in Covid-19 for better vision.

8.     Offer Flexible Schedules

Handling everything at the same time is not easy. Offer your employees flexible work schedules so that they can manage both their personal and professional responsibility well. Flexible work schedules will also enhance their productivity.

9.     Virtually Socialize

Develop scope for your employees to socialize and connect informally while remote. This can be planned through scheduled lunch and learning or happy hours. This plays a huge role in building connections between staff who are from multiple locations and time zones.

10.     Offer Online Learning

You also need to make sure that just because your employees are working from home, that does not mean their career improvement should be stopped. Offer your employee online learning. If possible, give them a subscription to those online portals that offer professional courses.


We do not have any proper idea when we will be able to go back to our “used to normal” lifestyle or normal world. So, it will be best if we mend things according to this new normal. Try to implement all the above-mentioned ideas or as many as possible to encourage and recognize your employees.

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