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Cost of laser Hair Removal: Select the Best for Your Skin

Whenever you open Instagram, you see filters. However, there are times when you feel like having clear and flawless skin. But a look at the hairs growing on your chin ruins your day.

If you have been thinking about opting for the laser hair removal treatment but don’t know anything about it, skinnsi has curated a simple guide on- what is laser hair removal, what are the benefits of laser hair removal, and cost of laser hair removal treatment.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal treatment is a type of medical treatment where the melanin in your hair follicle absorbs the laser light, which heats up the hair follicle. Here, the laser destroys the roots.

For those of you who don’t know much about laser hair removal treatment, it is a safe option for your skin since the laser does not damage the surrounding skin.

The laser hair removal procedure stops the hair follicle from producing any hair for a long time. For the laser hair removal to be successful, it takes roughly 6 to 8 sessions for complete hair loss.

Understanding how facial hair affects a person’s self-esteem, skinnsi offers up laser hair removal treatment which promises up to 90 percent hair reduction in a span of 6 to 10 sessions.

At skinnsi, the duration of each session depends on the part of your body where you want to get the treatment done. If it is your face, the session will last for 30 minutes. If it is some other part of your body, it will take 1.5 hours and in the case of full body laser treatment, it will take up to 3 hours.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you are fed up with plucking hair from your face with a razor or using hot wax, we believe that now you should think about opting for a laser hair removal treatment.

To help you understand how it is beneficial for your skin, in the long run, we have listed down some advantages of laser hair removal treatment.

  1. Fast Speed- During a laser hair removal session, the light from the laser beam takes only a fraction of a second to treat multiple hairs at a single time. Since the area around your upper lips is small, it takes only half an hour to remove hair from that region. However, on areas such as the legs, it can take up to 1.5 hours.
  2. Good Precision –

The biggest advantage of laser hair removal treatment is that it targets dark and coarse hair selectively. Therefore, laser light tends to reduce the probability of ingrown hair substantially. Moreover, the light from the laser does not affect the surrounding skin.

  1. Cost-Effective – 

Are you not tired of buying razors or shaving creams to get rid of unwanted hair? It is not only time-consuming. It also costs you a lot of money. So, you should start investing in laser hair removal sessions. When you buy a package, you will realize that it is cost-effective as well as saves your precious time.

  1. Keeps Acne and Rashes At Bay

Now at some point in time, you must have spotted a zit on your face after using a razor. Using a razor or wax not only causes acne but also makes your skin dry, dull and leaves scars on your pretty face. So instead of going through the unimaginable pain of using tools like razor or wax, you should book an appointment at skinnsi, right now!

Laser Hair Removal Packages

Understanding the budget, a college-going student or a working woman spends on skincare, skinnsi has rolled out several laser hair packages for its customers. You can go through these packages and choose the one which suits you best.

Half body package (upper or lower)₹35,400/6
Face package₹22,500/6
Hands package₹30,100/6
Legs package₹33,100/6
Face + underarms₹30,100/6
Face+ underarms + bikini₹35,400/6
Chest+ stomach₹30,100/6
Hands+ legs + underarms₹35,400/6

You can also go to skinnsi’s website to understand the packages better and book an appointment. Have a happy laser hair removal session girls!

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