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Coronavirus How Suffers The World | How Countries Are Dealing With It

Coronavirus How Suffers The World | How Countries Are Dealing With It

Coronavirus Suffers is a virus that hasn’t been encountered before. It has spread widely in China and is also spreading in other parts of the world. It originated from Wuhan, China, and the virus has alarmed the World Health Organization. The organization has announced a public health emergency and is planning out various precautionary measures to deal with the dangerous virus Suffers. The virus has reportedly come from animals, and the few first people affected by the virus were people worked in a wholesale seafood market. The place also sells freshly slaughtered animals.

Latest Updates on the Coronavirus


Several 28,290 cases have been confirmed to have been suffering from Coronavirus and death until today reported due to the infection has been 565 across the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao, and China. The airports of every country are currently using screening devices to check the person before letting them enter the country. The people detected with possible symptoms of the virus are isolated from the other people to take necessary measures. The coronavirus has no cure as of now, and the pharmaceuticals companies are working to develop treatments.

According to the live updates of Coronavirus the following countries have been affected by the virus.

United Kingdom

In this United States, 2 cases of coronavirus Suffers found. The two people are a member of the same family and are under special care. The third case confirmed on February 6th.

Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea reported a confirmed case of women who 25 years old and traveled to the country from Wuhan. Other than the women, the country has reported 23 other reported cases in the country.


Australia has confirmed 14 cases of the people Suffers from the virus. Some of the cases are from Sydney, and the others have been confirmed in Melbourne. Three out of the 14 cases reported to cured of the infection.


The first case of the person suffering from Coronavirus Suffers reported in December 2019, and he confirmed to a resident of the Hubei province. Most cases that have been reported are from the Hubei province. The number of deaths reported and the people who have been cured are also the highest in the Hubei province.


There have been 5 confirmed cases in Canada, and they are going under treatment. The patients expected to cured in a few days. The first person to get affected by the virus a man who just comes back from Wuhan. The second case was his wife.


Japan was the first country to have confirmed a case of Coronavirus besides China. The man who reported to  Suffers from the virus traveled to Wuhan. The latest cases have emerged to be from a group of tourists who are visiting Japan. Almost 273 cases of coronavirus detected in Japan.

Reduce your chances of catching Coronavirus

The world health organization has been giving valuable coronavirus safety tips to people all across the globe so they can take care of themselves and reduce the chances of catching this deadly virus Suffers. The hand and respiratory hygiene should be the first thing to look at, but you should check your food practices as well. You can do the following things to reduce the risk of coronavirus.


  • Clean your hands with soap during different parts of the day so no germs can stay with you
  • Cover your nose with a tissue when you sneeze so that the bacteria  not spread to another person
  • Don’t go near a person who is suffering from flu-like symptoms
  • When you are cooking meat or eggs, make sure they are properly cooked
  • You can catch this virus from animals so don’t go to places where you can have live contact with wild or farm animals


If a case is found near you, you need to follow some processes


If you find a person in your home or neighborhood who is suffering from a respiratory infection or flu-like symptoms, get them to check at the nearest hospital. A person suspected of this virus Suffers, they isolated from others who stay in quarantine. Keeping the children safe is another important thing all the parents are hoping for.

Measures used by Hospital staff to deal with coronavirus

The hospital staff in China and other parts of the world is actively taking care of the patients. The first thing they do to isolate the patient from other people, so the virus Suffers not spread. They wear protective masks and gloves and gowns to protect themselves. The equipment disinfected at regular intervals when they get in contact with an affected person. The team knows very well that washing hands are the first step through which they can gain hygiene.

The medical team makes sure to confirm that to what extent a person affected, and if the virus mild or severe so they can plan accordingly. The patients not allowed to use shared bathrooms as well.

Coronavirus is worse than regular flu

Coronavirus Suffers is very dangerous and is nothing like regular flu. The worst thing is that there is still no vaccine for it. The older adults who already have respiratory or immune system problems are prone to more danger. It started from China but has given large impacts of neighboring countries too.

The spread of viruses outside china is a more significant cause of concern, and this is why experts are very much confused with this unexpected development. Not only people but the medical staff also is under threat as they have to deal with the affected patients. In case you have traveled to China or got in contact with someone suffering from this virus, make sure to check yourself well because this way, you could be the one spreading the virus to your family or loved ones.

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