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Cool Jackets You Can Wear Over Your Casual Bodycon Dress

Almost every chic girl has a casual bodycon dress in her closet. However, not everyone knows how they can cover up to protect themselves from the cold winter days and still look stylish.  The good thing about jackets is that they can be worn all year round.

Types of jackets you can wear over a casual bodycon

There are different types of coats and jackets that you can wear over your dress. Each one is unique in its own way of making a huge difference to your outfit. Here is a list of eight types of jackets that we rounded up:

  1. Trench coat

Yes! This classic had to be at the top of the list. Trench coats are very elegant and look polished. They are guaranteed to make you look incredibly British no matter what you’re wearing it with. A casual bodycon dress and a trench coat, with a pair of high heels, is a match made in heaven.

In addition to taking your look a notch higher, these stylish timeless pieces will also keep you warm during the chilly mornings and evenings.

  1. Leather jacket

Nothing spells casual more than a nice black leather jacket. This jacket comes in handy whenever you’re looking to wear something over the top like a bodycon dress but still keep it low-key or casual.

The level of sophistication depends on the kind of shoes or bag you pair the “bodycon dress + leather jacket” combo with. If you feel more comfortable in flats, do you girl; if you want to strut it in a pair of high heels, do just that!

  1. Denim jacket

This one is another of the most basic wardrobe-essentials. You can wear them whenever you want to look stylish but don’t feel like putting in too much energy.

Make sure that the jacket is in the design and color that you like. Some options are sleeveless, cropped, ripped, light washed, etc.

  1. Bomber jacket

For all those times you need an extra thick layer, the bomber jacket may be your answer. These jackets have, over time, evolved and they come in more variants than you can ever imagine.

This makes the bomber jacket and bodycon dress combination one to die for. Bomber jackets may also be worn with pencil skirts, cigarette pants, mommy jeans, or midi skirts. Basically, any outfit that comes to mind you can pull it off with a bomber jacket.

  1. Quilted jacket

Quilted jackets are undeniably sexy and equally stylish. They hit the jackpot when it comes to keeping you looking edgy and feeling warm.

If you are all about being fashionable, these jackets will come in handy when all other jackets feel either too heavy or too warm to be worn over your casual bodycon dress.

  1. Puffy jacket

Puffy jackets have come a long way from being winter essentials to becoming a day-to-day basic piece of clothing. This one jacket that every girl ought to have in her closet, especially if you love wearing bandage dresses.

  1. Woolen/Cashmere jacket

Make a fashion statement with a buttoned, open, belted, zipped cashmere jacket over a bodycon dress. You’ll not only look stylish but you’ll have so much fun styling the dress.

These jackets look equally elegant and bring out your curves by flowing with the shape of your body. Find a color that marries your entire outfit by blending in well with it and standing out at the same time.

  1. Faux-fur jacket

You absolutely just cannot do without a faux-fur jacket. These jackets look feminine and will surely set you apart from everybody else everywhere you go. Some fascinating colors that you should opt for include black, white, yellow, or wine-red.


Jackets are versatile and essential. You can rest assured that no matter that the weather looks like outside, you can always find something suitable to match your mood.

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