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Cenotes Tour Puerto Morelos – Jewel of the World

The Cenotes are located in the middle of two belief systems: the western one and the eastern one. What you believe about these holes is closely related to your attitude toward the various touristic companies offering cave Cenotes Tour Puerto Morelos in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Just ask any Cenote guide how they feel about the tours they offer. Even if you choose not to believe in the existence of these holes, they still hold a special place in the hearts of locals and foreigners alike.

Cenotes and swimming are two things that can be done anywhere. But when you are in Cancun and want to be as close to the wonders of underground water as possible, Cenotes Tour Puerto Morelos is ideal.

In fact, the amount of time you spend in this place can actually be reduced thanks to the many holes that are connected by aqueducts.

When you explore underground waterways in Cancun, you will be able to see how these aqueducts were constructed over thousands of years.

Why Plan Cenotes Tour Puerto Morelos

Ruta de Los Cenotes (also known as the Cenotes Route) in Puerto Morelos is unquestionably a “must-see” when visiting the region.

When you think of Puerto Morelos, you think of the Mayan Riviera. The splendor of the surrounding area includes not only beautiful beaches but also some of the most magnificent cenotes in the whole Caribbean.

When you arrive at Puerto Morelos, you will find the Cenotes trail just next to the highway. When traveling from Cancun to Tulum, you should be able to see the arch that serves as the entrance on your right as you approach the city.

You can find this path with amazing cenotes. Here, you may locate about 20 distinct choices for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Cenotes Tour Puerto Morelos Main Attractions

We’ve identified the most significant ones so that you may learn more about them the next time you’re in Puerto Morelos. Get to know the most valuable ones you should never ignore.



CENOTE SIETE BOCAS is a very well-known dive site. If you have snorkeling equipment and towels, you may wish to bring these as well. They have life jackets for people of various sizes.

Kayaks are also available for use inside the cenotes. However, you can not take them out of the water.

A cliff overlooking access number 3 provides an opportunity for adrenaline junkies to get their fix. You will descend about 5 meters until you come into contact with the water.



Only around 20 kilometers from the Cenotes route entrance, this hotel is well situated. The location has lately been enhanced with activities and zip lines.

They will allow visitors to go through the forest and explore the surrounding region. It’s a fantastic place to unwind and go snorkeling in the summer.

You are welcome to bring any eating or drinking thing you want. Yet, there is a café at the entrance where you may purchase them. Moreover, you can order from resorts Riviera Maya.


Cenotes Tour Puerto Morelos 3

It is a beautiful cenote to dive and swim in. Also, this eco-park provides a variety of other activities.

You can start at less than 100 USD for the combination package. Yet, it covers all activities and access, and the price rises up from there.

You may also buy the activities individually on the internet, or you can purchase transportation for your group as well. Likewise, the beach hotels Mexico can serve you well it.

Looking for Puerto Morelos hotels? Never forget to check The Fives Oceanfront. In the first place, the check-in hosts and hostesses are very professional and friendly.

They like to cover your needs from the beginning to the conclusion of your stay here. You will get every facility that you can dream of in your Cenotes Tour Puerto Morelos.

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