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Car Accidents Attorney in Los Angeles City As Support System

A car accident can often become a critical event and happen quite quickly. No one plans to be involved in a car accident, and most will never be prepared for the financial and emotional repercussions of a major one. It’s called an accident because, typically, someone is not consciously careless, so it was not intended. But legally, an accident describes a civil defendant’s negligent conduct placing others harm for which a remedy exists, known as tort damages. Having a great lawyer ready in advance is the ideal support system, but it rarely happens.

Los Angeles remains famous for its many miles of freeways and interstates. When you live or work in this iconic city of Angels, you must have a motorcycle, passenger vehicle, pickup truck, bicycle, or some form of transportation to get around. To get to the train station for a Metrorail trip, you must take a Metro bus or Uber.

Because of the Los Angeles car culture, traffic congestion, and road rage, LAs infamous traffic is bound to catch bystanders and vehicle occupants in a smash-up. Sooner or later, someone is bound to collide with a fixed or moving object at high or low speed. Los Angeles citizens, visitors, and residents are no stranger to automobile accidents.

Did You Know California Has More Registered Vehicles Than Any State?

California has more registered motorized vehicles on its interstates, highways, expressways, tollways, freeways, and local roads than any state, suffering the greatest fatal vehicle collision numbers annually. However, struggling auto accident attorneys in los angeles will readily admit car accident calls are down, along with hospital traffic claim intakes and court filings. We asked Los Angeles, California, personal injury attorney Michael Ehline about his thoughts.

What Does A Prominent California Traffic Accident Lawyer Say About Traffic Accidents Falling By Half Since COVID-19?

Ehline says: “I agree with the recent Road Ecology Center Study conducted by experts at the University of California, Davis. My phone calls, or lack thereof, correlate with their findings that traffic accidents and deaths were cut in half,” said the charismatic accident attorney Ehline. Experts found that “property damage, treatment of injuries, lost time at work, emergency responses, insurance claims, and the equivalent cost of a life,” the report says. (Read the report here).

Mike Ehline standing at door of The United States Department of Transportation is a federal Cabinet department of the U.S. government concerned with transportation. It was established by an act of Congress on October 15, 1966, and began operation on April 1, 1967. It is governed by the United States Secretary of Transportation. Wikipedia Address: 1200 New Jersey Ave SE, Washington, DC 20590 Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon Phone: (202) 366-4000 Founder: United States Congress Founded: April 1, 1967 Jurisdiction: United States Officeholder: Elaine Chao (Cabinet Secretary)

Ehline said the Davis finding shows a rough drop in accidents, injuries, and deaths by almost half, saving California taxpayers roughly $40 million daily. Ehline says this approximately $1 billion economic downturn in traffic accident claims has turned up greater injuries due in part to higher vehicle speeds, however.

He says since the shelter-in-place order began, fewer drivers travel California&rsquo’s normally congested avenues and roadways. Many have said Tiger Wood’s recent Rancho Palos SUV rollover could have been from high vehicle speeds, propelling his SUV across oncoming Northbound traffic into an embankment near Black Hills Road.

Any driving in RPV on Hawthorne Blvd in normal traffic for that day would have seen far more downhill congestion, nonetheless. Who knows what happened that fateful day near Rolling Hills Estates. What we do know is fewer cars being on the road saved an uphill driver’s death.

Los Angeles Car Accident Injury and Death Reductions From 400 to 200 Don’t Mean You Won’t Need Legal Help.

Since Governor Gavin Newsom’s March 20 executive order, vehicle registrations, including accidents and traffic, reduced even more, with some roads experiencing a 55% decreased traffic volume. California saw a reduction in vehicle sales, and traffic accident claims reduced by 1,000 to 500 per day. Victims suffering injuries or deaths have reduced from roughly 400 to 200 daily. Besides bad April rains and mudslides, as roads dried, these are the final numbers.

The Road Ecology Center asserts that the fall in vehicle accidents remains historically “unparalleled,” with “…no equivalent in our recent transportation history to such large changes in vehicle movement on our state and local roads.” (Read More Here).

COVID-19s Disappearing Boss Culture And Delivery Vehicle Accidents – Uber, Lyft, Limousines

Carls Jr fast food driveway leading to Hawthorne Blvd in Torrance, CA
Carls Jr fast food driveway leading to Hawthorne Blvd in Torrance, CA

COVID’s disappearing boss culture means more and more delivery, shuttle, and transport drivers are making money. We are seeing commercial taxis being shouldered out of business by college kids zipping around town for an extra buck as they head to live in mom’s basement afterward. At the same time, we see veteran long-haul truck drivers pushed out of business or retiring due to automation and stifling government regulations.

As a result, you must not expect our literally thousands of motor vehicle accidents to stop any time soon. Some wrecks will involve big rig delivery vehicles like DHL Express or FedEx and even a large postal delivery truck. Livery vehicles, including Ubers, Lyfts, taxi cabs, limousines, and other common carrier vehicles registered with the California Public Utilities Commission, are crashing more and more. (PUC).

COVID-19 has ushered in the stay-at-home, drive to the store, and receive everything via home delivery culture. So true, passenger vehicle wrecks have trended down for the last year.

How Else Have COVID-19 Quarantines Against U.S. Citizens Commuting Affected California Vehicle Traffic Crashes?

Local, state and federal government efforts to halt Covid-19’s spread have spurred dramatic driving behavior for stay-at-home families. No longer do you have stay-at-home moms applying to make using their rearview mirror as a beauty aid instead of paying attention to traffic. We no longer see the restaurant manager or vice president texting while driving to and from each bustling location for surprise visits.

Daily Commuter Jobs Are Down, But Air Pollution and Car Accidents Have Fallen

The businesses are closed, those jobs are gone or reduced. In addition to making people more dependant on a government check to survive, many will be happy to know COVID-19’s March 20, 2020 stay-at-home order has resulted in other benefits, including a noteworthy decrease in air pollution. Surely, people breathing in their own carbon monoxide at sometimes toxic levels has slowed our human danger to mother earth, reducing our carbon footprint. This inconvenience is great news to toxic tort insurers, and victims’ compensation funds since surely toxic diesel fumes claims will lower.

What Tiger Woods Showed Us About Decreased Vehicle Traffic

Vehicle drivers are clogging Los Angeles roads, but Tiger Woods showed us that accidents are still present daily in Los Angeles. Most serious injury victims believe they are safe to call their insurance agent right away after crashing. Could you not do it? Yes, it would help if you dealt with insurance matters.

But first, you must protect yourself by ensuring advance measures are talked by hiring an aggressive, experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney. Studies have shown time and time again that car accident victims will only receive full, fair, and maximum compensation by hiring the right civil, negligence law attorney.

Finding a local severe injury attorney in Los Angeles with experience in nearby courts is the best way for clients to receive justice swiftly in their motor vehicle accidents. Because injury lawyers with differing experiences exist in every clime and place, you may get stuck with a joke. If so, California law allows you to lose that zero and hire yourself a hero.

We found an experienced lawyer to help us answer our questions by Googling for traits like “local,” “best,” and “brightest attorneys in the Los Angeles area.” Oh, and if you think your injuries are minor, don’t be dumb.

Get a Free Consultation With a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer – Don’t Self Diagnose

Unless you are a trained physician, you remain unqualified to self-diagnose your injuries’ extent and severity. You must immediately seek and find skilled legal representation to save future headaches. Many drivers only fear severe accident injuries, shrugging off scratches or whiplash from a minor fender bender. But major accidents are not the only causes of severe injuries, including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, mild traumatic brain injuries, and wrongful death claims.

After you are in a serious injury motoring accident, including a bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, big rig truck crash, or old lady run over in a crosswalk, you have legal rights to compensation. If you were in an accident that was not your fault, you would naturally be frustrated, confused, off-kilter, and disoriented. In your injured state post-accident, you will have impaired judgment, be emotional, and make poor decisions. Making a bad judgment call now could cost you millions of dollars in personal injury damages award payments later.

You Should Not Speak To the Insurer Without Your Negligence Attorney Present

You must never speak to an insurance adjuster right away because you will be unable to give them complete information until your adrenaline wears off and you leave your state of shock. In that case, a qualified car accident attorney can help you through the cooling-off period, gather evidence, police reports, medical bills, hospital records, take witness statements. In your initial consultation, you will learn about this and other steps you must take to meet later challenges when negotiating a fair car insurance settlement amount.

Only the best Los Angeles car accident law firm will have lawyers with experience and mastery of best attorney-client-insurance claims adjuster communication practices. By receiving advice from expert legal counsel, victims can paint a clearer picture for the insurer, ensuring the best results possible for their case. Most of the time, you can schedule a free consultation so they can begin work on your personal injury claims right away. And this is why we think you must have a plan to deal with potential car accidents in LA.

Hiring the best car accident attorney in Los Angeles can be a genuine help to your post-accident support plans. Your plans can include purchasing higher average amounts to deal with crazy road rage hit and run accidents and underinsured autoists, including those with no insurance coverages. This coverage is called uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance. Here are some more ideas to preserve and win your valuable Los Angeles motor vehicle accident lawsuit injury cases.

How Motorists and Pedestrians Can Be Prepared For And Deal With a Los Angeles Car Accident?

As we noted, your accident will be an unprepared thing, and the stressed accident victim already in deep tension won’t possess full sensory control over their matter. You or your close loved ones might be scared of seeking help or preparing for the unknown. But it would be best if you regained your senses. Only the best Los Angeles County car accident attorneys receive respect from the insurance companies to pay you.

Some of the popular ways attorneys can help you are discussed here:

Taken by injury attorney Michael Ehline. Before you is presented an image of a crashed SUV.
  • Medical support: Superb attorneys can help victims find lien doctors and medical professionals willing to perform medical services today and get paid back later.
  • Free Consultations: Truly great car crash lawyers in LA offer free, confidential phone consultations to help clients understand their matter better.
  • Contingency Fee Attorneys: Confident Los Angeles car accident attorneys, including those practicing in Orange County, work on a contingency fee, only receiving payment when they win your case. No win, no fee is another common name for this legal practice.
  • Advancing Costs: California lawyers may advance costs out of pocket, letting you pay them back when you win.
  • Insurance Company Negotiations: As we already noted, objectivity and evidence gathering are crucial right after a Los Angeles car crash, especially a hit-and-run accident. Get legal help, so the evidence is saved and the statute to sue a government agency or another third party is preserved!
  • Finding Deep Pockets: As noted above, CalTrans or another government agency be accountable for your injury or losses under the theory of vicarious liability. If the other driver was in the course and employment scope, you could sue their boss and them while the injured employee seeks worker’s compensation and unemployment disability payments. Only a brilliant, well-studied lawyer can make it happen for distressed victims in need of personal injury law help.
  • Vehicle Property Damage Support: Great car accident lawyers usually help you get insurance money for your car repairs or replacement, and they don’t take a fee to help you.
  • Med Pay: Your personal injury lawyer will seek med pay and any other monies to help you during settlement discussions. The person may get the medical aid and move towards recovery to be on the safer side. The fractures and other damages may let him receive a huge sum of money too.
  • Order Bills and Records: As noted, we will gather medical expense reports, CHP reports, expert studies, video evidence, and anything we can to prove your past, present, and future money damages from pain, suffering, and financial loss.
  • Vehicle Loaner and Rental Help: An Excellent Los Angeles car crash lawyer will seek out money for transport and facilities to help them and their family members. You will need to get around as you heal from your severe injuries or grieve after losing your loved one in wrongful death.

Seeking a Free Consultation Is The First Step To Obtaining Maximum-Compensation For Your Car Crash

Griffin Logo of ELFPI

A car accident attorney in Los Angeles can only help if they are experienced and motivated to help immediately. If your lawyer is not aggressive, they will be leaving money on the table. They must act fast to gather facts and evidence before it is destroyed, lost, or some valuable witness passes away. After a serious injury motor vehicle accident in Los Angeles, California, sleeping on your rights will not be an option when you face losing everything.

If you suffered a severe spinal cord injury, are experiencing memory loss, incontinence, or vertigo after a bad vehicle crash, such as a rear-end wreck in Southern California, including Los Angeles, you are not alone. Many victim’s car accident claims come with severe brain injuries. We have seen accident cases like Tiger Wood’s leaving pins, screws, and hardware in a victim’s arm, neck or leg, to coma and death. Even if your vehicle airbag deploys, it can’t save your head from being crushed during a rollover accident car wreck.

The car crash victim’s next step after receiving excellent medical treatment is to seek medical care. Your next step is finding experienced car accident attorney help before it’s too late. Even if you think you have some comparative negligence for your catastrophic injuries, you may still have a car accident case. Our tips are looking on the California State Bar website or Google terms like “Inactive US Marine Attorney.”


Just because you don’t live in Santa Monica or Beverly Hills does not mean you can’t afford a great team of law office assistance for you and your loved ones in the state of California. Hire legal representatives with a proven track record with years of experience winning multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements. That is a surefire way of finding the best car accident attorney in the US, not just the Golden State.

These will be lawyers who promise the right level of victim support and planning, financially and in other ways. Having a plan in advance should be a post-accident driving plan before merging onto the busy roads of Los Angeles. We suggest you start hunting for an auto accident lawyer today, rather than waiting till your case value diminishes too much.

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