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Can stem cell treatment repair damaged knees?

Form the past few years, and stem cell therapy has proved to be an effective treatment repair damaged knees for a wide range of health conditions. The conditions may range from minor situations such as wrinkles to dysfunction. Moreover, stem cell therapy is used for Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, and heart diseases. Stem Cell Mexico can help people have satisfactory results from this procedure.

Stem cell therapy is also seen to be effective in osteoarthritis of the knee. During osteoarthritis, the cartilage that covers the two bone ends starts to destroy, and the bones suffer friction when the cartilage is destroyed. The rubbing can cause stiffness in joints, pain, and swelling.

The majority of the people in the US are suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. However, some of the patients manage to overcome this situation through medical treatments, lifestyle modifications, exercise, and weight loss. The symptoms can be controlled by precautionary measures; however, when the symptoms become worse over time, then stem cell therapy can be a good alternative to operations.

Stem cell treatment

Stem cells can continuously produce in the bone marrow of the human body. The stem cells being immature cells develop into required specialized cells such as heart, brain, or muscle cells.

The stem cells trigger the destructed tissues in the human body so that they may repair themselves. Also; stem cell therapy can also know as regenerative therapy.

  • However, it has not confirmed whether to use stem cell therapy for treating osteoarthritis of the knees. The two main reasons for this uncertainty are as follows
  • No conventional procedure for the preparation of injection for this purpose.
  • Insufficient proves about its safety.

Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration has also marked stem cell therapy questionable. The people, however, who are ready to perform stem cell therapy have to pay for this procedure yet not confirmed whether it will be beneficial or not.

Injections for stem cell therapy for knees

The cartilage around bony ends stops the bones from friction. The cartilage stops the bones from rubbing against one another. Osteoarthritis causes a reduction in this cartilage; thus, friction increases which results in pain, swelling, inflammation, and loss of functionality and mobility. The stem cell therapy works by using the stem cells of the patient’s body that help to regenerate and repair the cells and damaged tissues.

The goals of stem cell therapy for joints and knees are as follows

  • It may slow the degeneration process and fasten the repairing of damaged cartilage.
  • Reduction in pain and inflammation.
  • Delay the requirement for knee replacement procedures.

In other words, the treatment involves.

  • A small volume of blood has taken from the arm of the patient.
  • Increasing the concentration of stem cells.
  • Injecting the stem cells into the knee of the person.

The bottom line

Stem cell therapy can be effective for the treatment of osteoarthritis. All we need is to perform more experiments to confirm its efficiency in treating such knee problems.