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Building A Foundation In NYC

Building A Foundation In NYC

The fashion industry in New York City is most notoriously demanding and competitive. Encapsulating this perfectly is Frank Sinatra’s famous lyric “If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.” Intense discipline, focus, and drive are required to make it in the industry and these criteria describe upcoming, gorgeous Bulgarian model Anna Alimani.

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The 23-year-old Alimani is a model, actress, entrepreneur, and aspiring real estate agent who received her business management degree from Purdue University when she was 21. Signed to two agencies, she has been increasing in-demand on the New York fashion scene.  Her bigger picture goals include opening her own real estate firm and helping like-minded women find their footing in the fashion and real estate industries.  Currently, she is working as a part-time assistant at Berkshire Hathaway and during her time there, has honed her skill in connecting people with similar interests for business, ideas, and projects.

Her Modeling Career

Anna’s modeling career began at 18 and over the past few years, she has taken part in campaigns for Guess, numerous fashion weeks, music videos, modeled for leading magazines, including cover work, and most recently, she was featured in Vogue Canada. In Los Angeles, she signed with two agencies from which she earned plenty of work. Since moving to New York, her workload has only increased, requiring her to remain disciplined, passionate, and above all else, hard-working.

In New York’s competitive fashion world,  Anna has had to be more focused than ever.

In addition to working hard in front of the camera, Anna has been committed to improving herself behind the scenes – attending catwalk classes, Instagram branding seminars, maintaining a healthy diet, and gym regimen.

Even with New York on lockdown,  Anna is using this time to reflect and clarify her modeling goals. “With everyone home, looking for content to consume, now is the time to increase my exposure,” Anna said.  If she’s successful, that will help her to realize her second goal – signing with a major agency.

Passions and Purpose

Anna discovered her passion for real estate after watching Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing and went on to acquire her California and New York real estate license. Her ambition lays at the intersection of her modeling career, Instagram presence, and the real estate industry. She hopes to leverage her experience in both industries, and use her entrepreneurial spirit to start her own real estate business and ultimately have her own real estate show. “ I love both sides of the business,” Alimani said. “Being in front of the camera, interacting with people, and entertaining an audience is highly appealing, but I also enjoy everything that goes into making the deal work.”

Anna’s Education

At 21, Anna graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Business Management.  Since then, she has earned a Financial Marketing certification from the University of Geneva. She is planning to pursue her certification in Long-Term Investment Strategies next.

Competition in the global fashion industry

Despite the highly competitive nature of the real estate industry and the fashion world, Anna has been making her presence felt in both. In December, the Eastern European beauty will be representing the United States in the finals of the international beauty pageant Miss Elite’s in Cairo, Egypt. The contestants will participate in a beauty camp before the competition where personal trainers, catwalk experts, and other consultants will put the contestants through a “competition boot camp” in preparation for the show. “The luxury hotel is nice and the event will definitely be a lot of fun, as well as a valuable learning experience,” Anna remarked. And with the growing popularity of the pageant, it’s expected to generate a lot of exposure and publicity for Anna, as well as increase her modeling portfolio.

Whether in the world of New York fashion or the world stage of the Miss Elite pageant, Anna is a star on the rise. Her business background gives her an edge on the competition and her beauty, tenacity, and perseverance make it likely she’ll be coming to a magazine cover near you.


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