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Brilliant Websites for Photographers Themes That You Get For Free

Looking for photography themes and websites for photographers? We got you covered.

It is a modern world, and the old ways of performing many tasks have been left behind. How many times do you see people sending letters to each other in the era of email? Just like this and many others, carrying a hardcopy portfolio is also orthodox now. The times have changed, and now people are looking forward to easy alternatives. Portfolios are built online and shared with potential clients.

But, what if you can get free photography themes for your website? Great! Let’s tell you a few you can choose from, with each one being exceptional with its unique features.


Silvia is one of the most popular yet straightforward themes on websites for photographers. It offers you the organization of portfolios in a professional manner and a description area to make it even more gorgeous. The website features a logo spot on the top and allows you to customize the theme’s typography, colors, and other layout elements. You can add your introduction to the header for new users.

Photo Perfect

Photo perfect can be the best choice for you if you want to instantly have all the pictures on your site. The design is header-centered, which means you can play around with the header to catch the user’s attention as much as possible. The header allows you a space to put in the picture or any promotions you want to make prominent. You can also add text to the image and make it perfect for websites for photographers.

The theme is quite professional and displays grid-based photographs that are shown as lightbox pictures on mobile phones.

Photo way

If you are looking for a theme that is no less responsive or gorgeous than the paid version, the photo way can be the right choice! It offers a number of layouts to present your pictures like single posts, archives, fixed headers, and others with all the other features.

The layout allows you to add sidebars with your description and social media links with a professional-level design. Download the theme for free and check yourself.

Full Frame

Let us tell you an amazing feature about the full-frame before the photography specific website features. It offers translation files on the back end, making it easy for people who do not speak your language, making it an excellent website for photographers. A full-frame can be considered your brief portfolio with contact details to get in touch with you.

The header is just next to the search bar, along with your logo and social media links.


What’s better than a free theme that offers space for a full-screen image? Pixabay offers a full-screen header image to grab the visitor’s attention in the first look. Additionally, it has gorgeously themed social media buttons, saving you from the hassle of using another plugin. It is an excellent option for websites for photographers and bloggers, and the pictures align perfectly on mobile phone screens. Add a description, title, or CTA on the header image to engage the users.

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