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Borderlands 3: You Must Know Good and Bad Features of the first shooter video game!

Borderlands 3 is an action first-person video game. It provides many ways to customize your characters. There are many guns with that you have equipped. Players have many class mods that you collect during playing.

At the beginning of the game, not so much options are available. Many players do not understand well and get frustrated while playing. But don’t worry, just relax and keep playing.

Borderlands 3 launched on the Epic Games Store. Many people are facing host problems and discussing their PC problems on steam’s forums.

Good Features

There are many good things that you should to know about this game

The first amazing things are that the game allows carrying four weapons at once. Moreover, class mods increase my abilities and the levels on my skill trees.

Furthermore, you can also unlock extra weapon slots. The game just takes some time when it offers these abilities.

Some Error and Bugs of the game

Besides of these good things, There are many known bugs that you must know about Borderlands 3. Players are claiming that when they play, another player of the game joins the game. All audio will plat at once.

Playable characters slightly drift to right even when you do not touch the thumbstick on Xbox.  Well, the sensitivity of the thumbstick can be adjusted in the menu.

Many players are complaining that there are not seeing the pre-order bonus as well as Deluxe Edition content download. Therefore to fix this problem, search for Microsoft, and download it individually.