Home News Black Panther 2: Release Date has Announced at D23 Expo 2019

Black Panther 2: Release Date has Announced at D23 Expo 2019

Fans are waiting very desperately of Black Panther 2. the first one was hit the screen globally. It was the first movie from Marvel Universe studio in which highlighted African culture.

The story follows a country of Africa, Wakanda. The hero tries to save his country with the help of other people in which his army, the CIA, and besides these, his sister included. She is the master of the technology of perfection.

Marvel announced Black Panther 2 in D23 Expo 2019. The second time it will be in the limelight on 6th May 2022. Yes, it is a long time — the first film released in 2018 and grossed one billion revenue globally.

Furthermore, Black Panther made a fascinating look in the Avengers’ movies. Besides, he surprised the fans With the appearance in Avatar that becomes the most awaited movie in the cinema’s history.

Marvel leaders have found multiple records. Meanwhile, some other projects are in preparation that is enough for Marvel fans.

May be Black Panther will return soon to the movies. According to spoilers, the highest-paid actor of the world Dwayne Johnson will play the role of Namor, sworn the superhero’s enemy.

Martin Freeman unveiled the date, and he said, ” The last thing that I heard is that we will not do next year so it could be 2021 which we will do Black Panther, that’s all we know.”

So wait for its release. We hope that it would be great.


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