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Black man dies after US police pin him to ground

Black man killed was shot dead by police in the US state of Minnesota, while protests continued with the murder of black police from Louisiana.

Finland Castile’s girlfriend  broadcast live after the St. Paul incident, showing him full of blood, and the officer threw a gun at him.

He said he  shot dead while searching for a driver’s license.

This is followed by the death of Alton Sterling, who was shot dead by police during an incident in Baton Rouge on Tuesday.

Hundreds of people protested for two nights over the murder of Mr. Sterling.

The deaths followed a long series of large-scale incidents involving African Americans Black man killed at the hands of the police, sparking a national debate over the use of lethal force.

According to recent shootings, about 200 people protested outside St. Paul’s House in Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton, who later called for a federal investigation into the shooting.

In a statement on Facebook, President Barack Obama said all Americans “should be deeply concerned” about these two deadly shootings of a black man killed.


The past few weeks have been full of devastating news – stories of police killing blacks. At this moment, these disasters seem familiar – so familiar that their details began to resonate with each other.

In July 2014, Eric Garner’s last words were recorded on his mobile phone when police from New York sat on their heads and fixed him on the sidewalk: “I can’t breathe.” “. On May 25 of this year, the same words were spoken by George Floyd, Who requested release when the officer knelt on his neck and secured him to the ground on Minneapolis Street.

Protests Sparked By the Death Of George in Minneapolis Intensify

We are at a point where the very words that people use to justify their lives can be rejected as shorthand for completely separate tragedies.

Part of our work here at Code Switch is to contextualize and understand such news. But it’s hard to come up with something new to say. I covered events in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014, after Michael Brown  killed by the police. And I was in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray in 2015. I covered the death of Eric Garner, Finland Castile, Alton Sterling, and black man killed Deprave Small.

Police killings that scar the USA

Walter Scott – unarmed and shot in the back while fleeing an officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, in April 2015

Lacquer MacDonald, a 17-year-old man holding a knife, but apparently escaped from the police in Chicago when he  shot 16 times in 2014. Officer Jason Van Dyke denies murder charge

Michael Brown is an 18-year-old man who shot at least seven times in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014, which sparked protests across the country. Officer Darren Wilson Initiates Crime

Eric Garner – died after New York City police stole him while selling cigarettes in July 2014. Grand jury decides against allegations, disciplinary action taken by police against surveillance officer Sergeant Kizzy Adonis

 Denver fully bans chokeholds, requires a report for aimed guns

The Denver Police Department has announced that it is changing its policy regarding the use of force and cameras.

In a statement released Sunday, the department said it had banned the use of barrels, with no exceptions. This practice  previously banned, with the exception of fatal cases, reports The Denver Post.

The department also said employees who intentionally impose weapons on someone would need to notify the supervisor and submit a report to help collect data on such incidents. Members of his special forces will have to activate their cameras during tactical operations, the department said.

Crossfit founder apologizes for tweet after Reebok split

CrossFit founder Greg Glassman apologized for the tweet that equated Floyd’s murder with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to a tweet from the Institute for Health Indicators and Evaluation Research Institute. Which classify racism and discrimination as a public health problem, Glassman, who  also the executive director of CrossFit, published “This is FLOYD-19.”

In a statement on Twitter, Glassman said: “I, CrossFit headquarters, and the CrossFit community are not tolerant of racism. I  mistaken in the words I chose yesterday. My heart  deeply saddened by the pain he caused. a mistake, not racist, but a mistake. ”

Trump opposes police defunding 

Protesters try to “defame the police” after the deaths of George Floyd and other black Americans killed by law enforcement.

Their singing became a unifying cry. And a stick for President Donald Trump to use the Democrats, as he depicts them just as easily in a murder.

Trump said he is against this idea and should meet with law enforcement agencies in the White House this afternoon.

Supporters say the point is not to remove the police departments or strip the agencies of all their money. They say it’s time for the country to tackle systemic issues in the US police and spend more on the needs of communities across the country, such as housing and education.

Al Jazeera podcast The Take spoke with protesters.

A string of police killings

The Monday night incident  caused by several murders of black men and women by police or former U.S. law enforcement officials.

The FBI is investigating the death of Breonne Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky. Taylor, an emergency medical technician in Louisville  killed by police early on the morning of March 13 when she was sitting in her bed. Police said they were handing out a warrant as part of a drug investigation when they returned fire from an apartment. Taylor’s guy said he shot for self-defense. Believing that his house  hacked. No drugs  found in the apartment. The officer  injured.

The US Department of Justice is weighing possible hate crimes in the US state of Georgia for the murder of Ahmad Arbury. An unarmed black man, and a police case.

Arbury  killed in February while crossing a predominantly white area in Glynn County, Georgia. The arrests of Gregory McMichael, a retired investigator of the local prosecutor’s office. And his son, both white, occurred more than two months after the incident. And only after the video footage became viral. Which raised questions about the trial. Police also arrested the man who filmed the incident since then.

The Georgia State Bureau of Investigation  also investigating the execution of Yassin Mohamed, a South American man who  killed by police on May 9 after “several altercations” with law enforcement within 24 hours. in his death. Police say they shot Mohamed, accusing the officers of a large stone. The Council on US-Islamic Relations in Georgia condemned the incident and demanded answers. Ancluding whether Mohamed  suffering from mental health problems.