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Biotech Inventor Launches New Oral Pouch Nutrient Delivery System

Biotech Inventor Launches New Oral Pouch Nutrient Delivery System

Biotech A new patent-pending oral pouch invented in 2014 is now gaining mainstream attention in a World seeking simplicity and efficiency. American entrepreneur Peter St. Lawrence, born August 12, 1983, in Goshen NY came up with the idea while attending St. Olaf College (MN) and noticing how many of his peers were using a similar oral pouch for smokeless tobacco.

About the pouches

Biotech For sale in the United States since May 2015, the novel PRO-DIP® ION Energy pouches deliver flavorful bursts of vitamins and natural energy supplements through small, semi-permeable as well as sachets placed in the mouth, between the gum and cheek or lip. Moreover, The initial burst of supplements is followed by extended absorption of the nutrients, providing long-lasting energy. Even at high exertion levels. With its hand-free ease of consumption, the energy-rich pouches are an alternative to traditional sports supplements and deliver a daily serving of natural vitamins and nutrients for the endurance and stamina required during exercise and sports.


  • Hands-Free consumption (delivers nutrients while the body is in motion)
  • Requires no water, no mixing, biotech no chewing, and no swallowing.
  • Highly efficient and quick nutrient uptake (digestion starts in the mouth)
  • The material in each pouch can last up to 40 minutes while the effects lasting 5+ hours
  • They 1 PRO-DIP® ION Energy Pouch equals 1 cup of coffee (100mg of Caffeine)
  • This 1 PRO-DIP® ION Energy Pouch has 17% Daily Value of Vitamin C
  • There are 1 PRO-DIP® ION Energy Pouch has 118% Daily Value of Vitamin B6
  • Even 1 PRO-DIP® ION Energy Pouch has 100% Daily Value of Vitamin B12
  • 1 PRO-DIP® ION Energy Pouch has 17% Daily Value of Vitamin C
  • 1 PRO-DIP® ION Energy Pouch has 100mg of Beta-alanine

Moreover, It is important to note that PRO-DIP® Energy’s manufacturing partner is the highly reputable Acenzia Inc, located in Windsor, ON Canada. Further biotech Agenzia is a highly innovative GMP and NSF certified manufacturer. It is widely as well as known in the industry as a highly innovative, pharmaceutical-grade producer of cutting-edge premium products.

Acenzia as our partner

“We are proud to have Acenzia as our partner in the manufacturing and further development of this category-creating product,” said PRO-DIP®’s Inventor and CEO Peter St. Lawrence. “It took us almost two years to find a manufacturer who was willing to pioneer something completely original in an industry that has been hungry for inventiveness for years. Agenzia shared the vision and answered the call, biotech we just never looked back. Since day one our mission has been to expand the reach of products that will be a benefit for people’s health and wellness on a daily basis. Further, We believe this partnership will help us meet the ever-expanding demand for innovations that make people’s lives a little better;” said St. Lawrence.

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