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Billie Eilish: Happier Than Ever album hits the ground

Los Angeles-native pop starlet Billie Eilish is back. With a stunning and heart-touching album Happier Than Ever. Happier Than Ever is Eilish’s second studio album. This album is liked by 95% of people globally. And still going on. People say that Eilish is getting better day by day whenever she releases a new song. On her second album, the famous artist Billie Eilish sings with inspiring honesty. And of course with her rapid ascent.  

This album is full woozy and effortlessly melodic. She picturized her whole album songs over the pop landscape.

A Heart-Breaking Story of Siblings Who Fetch of What they Dreamed!

Billie and her brother Finnies were returned to their home in Los Angeles. Because of Coronavirus as they can’t complete the album that they were recording (Happier Than Ever). They had a thought of leaving the half album unrecorded. But their mother encourages them to record the album at their home. At Finnie’s home studio. From where the album Happier Than Ever naturally starts taking shape. Which was located in Finnies childhood’s bedroom. Finnies is a producer and a co-writer.

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The Pool of Black Goop – Billie Eilish

Before Coronavirus Billie Eilish starts incorporating a short film titled “Not My Responsibility”. While she is performing. The four minutes clip shows that Eilish is taking off her clothing. And slowly submerging in a pool of black goop. This song is about the body shaming that Eilish faced. As she was the most visible girl on this planet. One year back Billie was the most favorite media topic. Especially her body. Which she usually covers by wearing oversized clothes. The album’s title is more a dream than a reality. Eilish says that “Things I once enjoyed just keep me employed now”(Said by Eilish on the album opener) “Getting Older”. The newly bleached blonde 19 years old goes through many things. There was a time when her teenage idol Justin Bieber starts crying with a worry of her. From the jump, there is a sense of longing for similar times. 

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The Shocking Reality of her Real Life – Billie Eilish

The reality of our pop start is so inherently worse than it often borders closed on fantasy. She has faced parents wringing hands on their children. Being depressed as their favorite pop star. But Eilish music has never disappointed us. Happier Than Ever is sung, with very little left between the lines. Now the things Billie knows are stalkers in her neighborhood, lovers who want Billie to keep going, and the paparazzi shots of her body. She doesn’t act like these problems are not relatable. But she knows that those are a more extreme version of concerns plague young and old can do.

She breaks the bank – New Album Released!

Instead of taking back you to the nightmarish pop, Happier Than Ever treats you with a softer sound. There is less trap and a lot of jazz. 

Happier Than Ever is now also streaming on Spotify.

Album songs: 

1. Getting Older

2. I didn’t change my number

3. Billie bosa nova

4. My future

5. Oxytocin


7. Lost cause

8. Halley’s comet

9. Not my responsibility

10. Everybody dies

11. Your power

12. Overheated

13. NDA 

14. Therefore I am

15. Happier than ever

16. Male fantasy

What did she say about this new release/success?

“I can’t handle it. This was the most satisfying, generally fulfilling, and significant experience I’ve at any point had with my music,” Eilish wrote in an Instagram post denoting the arrival of her sophomore collection. 

Eilish starts the collection with weakness, singing in a delicate, quiet voice about the battles she has looked at in her vocation and individual life, in the melody “Getting Older.” Starting with a note of appreciation notwithstanding her battles, she gradually holds nothing back from her audience members, saying that she “feels sorry for” and would lie “for consideration,” just to receive dismissed in kind. In the chorale, her smooth voice gets higher as she thinks about her life as an artist. The tune advances.

Wrapping-Up in the Amazing Words of Billie Eilish

Getting Older” closes with a note of consolation: Eilish reasons that she will discover joy notwithstanding the difficulties that go with burning through the greater part of her teen years in the public eye. I love the trustworthiness, expectation and excellence in this melody. Even though she doesn’t sing uproariously against a dynamic, electronic beat like in different pieces of her discography, “Getting Older” holds considerably more force with its delicate, stripped-down instrumentals. 

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“My Future,” which was initially delivered as a solitary precisely one year before the collection’s delivery; this melody annals Eilish leaving a relationship and discovering herself. She sings of her recently discovered autonomy and expectation: “I’m infatuated/With my future/Can’t hold on to meet her … I’m enamored/But not with any other person/Just want to become acquainted with myself.”