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Biggest Bingo Rewards ever

Most bingo players dream of hitting the jackpot one day so they can escape on their holiday of a lifetime or buy their dream home, or even just so they can go on a shopping spree! But what has happened to the really lucky people who hit the jackpot on casino sites such as Barbados Bingo? The majority of big winners, for very obvious reasons, choose to remain anonymous so they can enjoy their winnings in peace without being pestered by the outside world who are looking for a slice of the pie.

For example, one of the biggest bingo winners in history was a 36-year-old man from Greece who bagged himself a life-changing prize to the amount of £5.1m whilst playing online bingo. We don’t know any more about this lucky chap apart from his name, Georgios M, as he wanted to enjoy his winnings anonymously.

However, there are some big bingo winners who were happy to share their success story which might offer some inspiration to bingo players who are daydreaming of their big win!

Christine Bradfield: the first Bingo Platinum Jackpot Winner 

She had been a fan of the game bingo since she was 18 and the game finally came through for her in 2008 in the town of Merthyr Tydfil in Wales. Christine Bradfield was enjoying playing a game of bingo at their local bingo hall with her sister-in-law Lorraine Williams and after playing bingo for over 10 years, the night was to be extremely lucky for Christine as she won herself a huge £1.1m when she became the first in history to win the Platinum Jackpot.

Christine generously split the winnings with her sister-in-law Lorraine as the pair always played bingo together and always shared their winnings. And what did they do to celebrate? The two went on a cruise to toast their big win and a big family holiday – what a fantastic way to spend the winnings! 

Soraya Lowell: The Biggest Bingo Hall Win in History 

2008 was a lucky year for more than one play that’s for sure. But another bingo record win took place when Soraya Lowell was a 38-year-old mum of four children. A cleaner from Lanarkshire became one of the biggest bingo winners in history. The Scottish mum won a huge £1.2m. Whilst enjoying a game of bingo in a local bingo hall and her life changed forever thanks to the staggering win. Soraya decided to share her prize money with her neighbor Agnes O’Neill. She was playing bingo together on a lucky night. As they had an agreement to always split their winnings.

There have been plenty of online winners too, including Lisa Potter who bagged herself £1.3m through an online bingo site, and Anita Campbell from County Durham who won a huge £1.m from two separate wins within two weeks of each other! Who knows, your turn could be just around the corner, so keep the faith that lady luck will be on your side and keep dreaming of what you’ll spend your jackpot on!

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