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Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October

At this point, you scroll up and down Netflix in the evening, a staple after a long day. There are more notable and good Netflix TV shows than there ought to be. While finding new episodes and series to watch weekly, it can be difficult to figure out what to watch without getting lost in the Netflix algorithm. For this situation, we have hand-listed some of the Best Upcoming Netflix shows to stream right now. If you want to watch Netflix Cancelled and Renewed Shows some crime documentaries that will keep you up all night or some heavyweight comedies, you are at the right place. Now we are taking you to some of the best original series that have grabbed the air so far this year. 

Clickbait (mini-series)

Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October 12

The mini-series took Netflix by storm. And deservedly, it has to. The thing about the death of Adrien Grenier ( we are not going to refer to him by his character name because he is, and always will be, our Adrien Grenier first ) is that it only gets more engaging as the show goes on. This mini-series also stars Zoe Kazan and Betty Gabriel. By the end of episode eight, you will be a full-blown resident in a crazy town, and for that, we offer both our sympathies and congratulations to you. 

The Chair 

best netflix shows
Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October 13

One of the best Netflix dramas in years, The Chair is a charming and funny portrait of modern academia. In Netflix’s college campus drama The Chair, Sandra Oh influences the newly appointed chair in the English department at a functional Ivy League. As she struggles to remodel the English department amid budget cuts and academic culture wars, Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim has her own romance and family issues to contend with, too. The Chair is liked by 97% of people globally, and we also suggest you add this masterpiece to your Netflix queue. 

I Think You Should Leave 

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Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October 14

Want something hilarious and absurd? If yes then we will suggest you watch I Think You Should Leave without any ado. After his hot dog sketch-turned-meme went viral, Tim Robinson is back for Season 2 of his instant standard sketch comedy series I Think You Should Leave. Hilarious and cheerful. You’ll go through all six 15-minute episodes easily in one sitting. And yes, the hot dog is a returning motif. We put I Think You Should Leave on the third number, a big deal right? Give it a try by watching this with your friends and enjoy. 


need l
Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October 15

The first-ever French show to break into the U.S. best Netflix shows Top 10, Lupin is a thriller that follows real gentleman burglar Assane Diop (Omar Sy). As he struggles to expose the criminality of an affluent Parisien philanthropist and in doing so, clear his late father’s good name. The good old-fashioned heist series is full-action-packed and suspenseful. But also tricky and full of emotion. Seasons One and Two are streaming now. This one is a no-brainer for full-crime fans. It features some of the best attitudes we’ve ever seen in the series and is not to be missed.

Sons Of Sam

Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October 16

Not your average best. Netflix’s true-crime doc, Sons of Sam, is rewriting history instead of retelling it. The stories are told with the help of the archives of reporter Maury Terry. They wasted his life trying to prove to the world that David Berkowitz, a famous serial killer in New York, did not do the murders he admitted to alone. Instead, the documentary proposes using Terry’s evidence to show that Berkowitz was part of a Satanic cult. while also placing Terry as an obsessional, unreliable narrator who spent his life going too far down the rabbit hole. It’s both a biography of Terry and an interesting display of his stamina work. compelling enough to forever impact the way we recall the infamous Son of Sam case.


Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October 17

Criminal offers four series of police procedurals based on Line of Duty. Every scene focused on a suspect dissected in a cross-examination room. The Bend: Each series happens in an alternate nation and language-Spanish, French, German, and English-yet they utilize precisely the same idea and set. Just as the firmly prearranged feline and mouse cross-examinations, including masterclass exhibitions from any semblance of David Tennant, Hayley Atwell, and, in season 2, Kit Harington, it’s intriguing to perceive how the restricted sets are utilized diversely by various police groups. It is also the ideal and best Netflix show right now!


Best Upcoming  Netflix shows
Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October 18

This miniseries, in light of a genuine story of assault, deftly explores its upsetting. And precarious topic with the assistance of a wonderful presentation from Kaitlyn Dever. She plays Marie, a youngster who’s accused of lying about being assaulted. It’s more confounded than that. Toni Collette and Merritt Wever collaborate as whip-brilliant investigators who see what others neglect to, adding one more layer to Unbelievable’s sensitive, intensely moving victory. It is one of the best Netflix shows.

When They See Us

Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October 19

Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us goes under the extreme yet fundamental review flag. It portrays the genuine occasions of the 1989 Central Park jogger case. Including five male suspects of shading who were erroneously blamed for assault and attack. Not just delicately drawing the mankind of the young men into the center. When They See Us requests shock at the bad form of foundational prejudice.


Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October 20

Carey Mulligan playing an analyst monitor is a great idea, driving an examination concerning the homicide of a pizza conveyance fellow shot in a London suburb. Mulligan’s sharp and, er, ex-Olympic post-vaulter Kip Gillespie digs further into the secret that isn’t what it appears. Security pushes against its police procedural limits into a cloudy moral area, enveloped with a hot cover of governmental issues and social discourse. 

The Sinner

the sinner netflix best shows
Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October 21

Three captivating periods of The Sinner anticipate to be aired out, everyone zeroed in on a homicide submitted by an impossible wrongdoer in significantly more odd conditions. Season 1 follows Jessica Biel’s Cora, who wounds a man to death on a seashore in an abrupt craze, however, has no clue about why. It’s dependent upon Bill Pullman’s Detective Ambrose to disentangle the amazingly upsetting occasions installed in her mind that lead to her being set off. 

Money Heist

Best Upcoming Netflix shows in September & October 22

This series is adored by many (and the best Netflix shows love you for it) but on the off chance. If you haven’t heard what’s going on with all the quarrels, Money Heist is about a heist. The genius doing Ocean’s Eleven-level prep work with similarly fulfilling outcomes is The Professor. He wants to rob banks, and we see how his crazy plans work out with the help of smooth flashbacks, time jumps, and, surprisingly, a moody storyteller. Don’t let the captions put you off, because this is spellbinding TV with a clear Spanish style.


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