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“BEPR” Launch by Blockchain Euro Project; Starts Pre-sale.

BEUROP is a European-based company that is handling IT technology. The company has an ecosystem of blockchain products that are served by a revolutionary token name BEPR

However, this authentic and dedicated IT Company has a tenure of 5 years of experience in operating smart contracts and blockchain solutions developments. The objective of the company is to build a sound ecosystem of blockchain products. so, it provides an interference through which people can get all in one benefit by using its DEX and CEX platforms and BEUROP’s NFT Marketplace. 

Its long experience shows that firstly it has expertise in several sectors; secondly, it knows government protocols and local regulations. It knows very well the changing scenario that’s why always try and adopt improvements.  

Make a Difference by BEPR

Clients are involved in an innovative environment to reach their goals and to make a difference. It speculates the future issues and deals with them by using progressive approaches towards blockchain technology and marketing techniques. 

What are the Benefits of Tokenization?

Asset tokenization is based on blockchain technology. One of the benefits of tokenization is Blockchain that is discussed here.  


Blockchain is a technology of decentralized system that allows anyone at any place of the world to tokenize their assets and sell them anytime and anywhere. It eliminates barriers to investment and ensures liquidity at a higher rate. Soon the company will announce DeFi that will ensure its clients’ BEPR token is highly promising. 


In 2022 company will initiate an NFT marketplace that will provide unique opportunities to its partners in non-fungible works of art. Partners who deal in different art galleries in Europe and the US will increase the requirement of art connoisseurs at the global level. 


For cryptocurrency exchanges trading is the key. But many people do it against laws, having no company registration and operating license. But Beurop CeFi – centralized exchange will effectuate all the rules of European blockchain strategy. It also provides the service to solve the problems on other exchanges with the help of the best trading tools and experience. 

Pre-sale of BEPR with limited duration

Clients can access the company’s pre-sale platform where all the investors would have an opportunity for the company’s asset price that is $ 0.1 per BEPR token. But the pre-sale phase has a limited time offer during which clients can enjoy an advantage. With the end of the pre-sale phase, liquidity starts adding to Pancakeswap. After the sale period, clients can expect a rise in the value of the token to $1. 

With the development and growth of the company, clients can expect an increase in their base. Those clients who would use the company’s decentralized platforms would amuse with additional value. In the end, all this will affect the price of the BEPR token. The token transaction would be available for clients from 1 September 2021. 

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