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Astro World Festival victims were teens, students and at least one aspiring model

Astro world is one of the big annual music festivals in the world right now. The real thing about this festival is, it is run by one of our favorite rappers (we are going to discuss him below). However, in this article, we will tell you everything about the Astro world festival. What is the Astro world festival? Who is the owner? And many other things that you’re willing to know about the recent incident. So without any further hold-ups let’s start reading about Astro World Festival 2021. 

What is the Astro World Festival? 

Astro world festival is an all-type music festival, run by the US’s most popular rapper Travis Scott. Moreover, Travis organizes his festival in many countries, cities, and towns. The most common places where he usually organizes The Astro World Festival are, in Houston, Texas, at NRG Park, Six Flags AstroWorld 2021. Also, this is the place where he recently performed at his festival. 

The great thing about the Astro world is, Travis invites many newbie rappers, and singers to his festival to proudly introduce themselves in front of the world. 

He started organizing this festival years ago. The luckiest year was 2019. (The year in which this festival earned popularity). 

When does The Astro World Festival happen? 

The Astro World Festival 2021 happens every year in the winter season. For years the festival is getting organized at the start of November. A lot of people come to see new talent every year. 

But, this year something terrible happened.  

The Astro world festival 2021 by Travis Scott was a complete dead film on Friday. This year on (November 6) the rapper Travis was performing on the stage and something unbelievable hit the ground, at the time when everyone was enjoying his performance. Including 8 people, two teens got killed, and more than 300 people were injured. The reason behind this incident is all about the number of people standing there. More than 50,000 got-together at a place and for some reason they had to face the blast in which many people lost their lives and many of them got injured.  

Is there any special dress code for the Astro World Festival? 

Yes, for sure there is the chic style you have to wear before going to this fantastic festival. As we all are aware that Travis (the owner of this festival) had a collaboration with kylie recently. And, because of that cool collaboration, they have made a dress code you all have to wear. The dress is about, you all have to go for neon and purple tight pants with a crop top. Also, the males have to wear the same color. (Wearing tight pants and crop top is not necessary for men) you can go in the same color only. 

Who is Travis Scott? 

Jacques Bermon Webster (better known by his stage name “Travis Scott”). Travis Scott is a US rapper, born on April 30, 1991). Travis Scott who is professionally spelled as (Travi$ Scott) is also a singer as well as a record producer. 

His name (stage name) is derived from our favorite and the most popular uncle Scott Mescudi. Scott Mescudi is also known as Kid Cudi. Travis took Scott’s first name and still says that Kid Cudi was his first inspiration in this industry that’s why he decided to rename his name, Travis Scott. 

Why is Travis Scott so famous? 

After the rapper released his first single named “franchise” in 2022, Travis became one of the top 100 rappers in the world. Also, he got his name on the billboard the first artist on the Billboard that has 3 debut songs that have reached the #1 position in just a year. He is also nominated for Grammy Awards many times and won the Billboard award for being the best rapper in the world. Also, after the singer, “Travis” started his festival called “Astro World Festival” he has earned a lot of fans in just a year. 


In this article, we have discussed some deep details about this festival, in which we let you all know about what the festival is, who is the organizer, and what happened in the recent 2021 Astro World Festival 2021. We hope that you find this article a bit informative for you all. Comment down your thoughts below in the comment section.