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Are You Suffering from Diabetes? Best 5 Breakfast Cereals for Diabetic Patients

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the meal that must be filled up with the right nutrients to kick start your day in a healthy way. And for someone who is diabetic, this breakfast ought to be packed with the right amount of carbs, proteins, and fats.

There may be a number of breakfast items, but a bowl of cereal is the most sought-after meal. Cereals are manufactured with powerful ingredients including grains, fats, carbs, etc. But it is crucial to select the cereal wisely as it significantly impacts your body.

There are some ingredients that may increase the blood sugar levels in the body resulting in diabetes. The persons who are already diabetic or want to reduce weight must be diligent in selecting the best cereal for diabetics which may not only help in controlling sugar levels but also aids in giving you a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients Included in Cereal

When it comes to the ingredients of any cereal, it is highly advised to have detailed knowledge. There are many essential ingredients present in cereal. But the most crucial of all is a grain which can be in the form of barley, wheat, corn, oats, and rice.

It is strictly recommended to select the cereal brand which contains whole grain as the essential ingredient, not the processed ones. Because the processed grains are free of brans or germs which are not healthy enough to control diabetes or reduce weight.

A right cereal is one that has lower carbohydrate and higher protein and fat.

You have to keep in mind the carbs and fat content. The cereal which has lower carbs but higher proteins and fats will positively impact your body by reducing the blood glucose levels. The cereals with complex carbohydrates are highly preferred as they reduce sugar levels.

Moreover, cereals should also include a higher amount of fiber. Fiber has complex carbohydrates which not only help in reducing sugar spikes but also support lipid metabolism, cholesterol, and digestive health.

Another important thing in cereal for diabetic patients is the inclusion of nuts and grains. These ingredients reduce the Glycemic index (GI). They are considered proteins and complex carbs as well. That is the reason they don’t create sugar in the blood.

Best Cereals for Diabetic Patients

When you have thorough knowledge about ingredients in cereal (which are recommended for diabetic patients), it is high time to know about the best cereals for diabetic patients.

We have listed down the 5 best kinds of cereal for diabetics.Selecting any of them will help you in leading a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

  • Special K Kellog’s Cereal

Looking for the ready-to-eat cereal? This is the right answer to your search. Kellog is one of the top brands in cereals. The brand specializes in manufacturing different kinds of cereals careering the different needs. For diabetic people, the brand has come up with their particular cereal product which contains rice and wheat s their main ingredients.

  • Free of cholesterol
  • Includes proteins and fibers as the essential ingredients
  • Enriched with Vitamin B and C
  • Fat percentage is 2

You can start your day by taking this cereal and make it more delicious by adding yogurt, berries, and dry fruits. It will not only be scrumptious but fill up your body with the essential nutrients which will surely control the blood sugar levels.

  • Muesli

Muesli is one of the most demanding cereals. There are many brands available in the market which manufacture ready-to-eat Muesli. This cereal is considered to be the healthiest breakfast as it fulfills the needs of all essential ingredients.

The cereal is made by combining dry fruits, rolled oats, seeds, and nuts. All the ingredients are added in raw form and there are no additives like sweeteners or oils. This makes it a perfect meal for diabetes patients and fitness freaks.

Since the carbs content is a bit higher in Muesli, a lower carb version can also be prepared. This can be made by making a grain-free version yourself. This grain-free Muesli can be prepared using nuts, coconut flakes, and raisins. This will drastically reduce the carbohydrates which definitely give you controlled sugar levels.

  • Oatmeal

How is it possible to forget oatmeal while considering the breakfast cereals for diabetic patients? Oatmeal is enriched with significant nutrients and fiber. The whole grains ingredients in this cereal offer a nutritious meal for people who are diabetic.

A ½ cup serving of oatmeal is packed with:

  • 4 grams of fiber
  • 18% of Phosphorous and Selenium
  • 68% of Manganese
  • Also offers iron, magnesium and vitamin B group

This cereal can be consumed in different ways. You can boil it with milk and add fruits, nuts, and cinnamon to make it more nutritious. It is a great source of fiber. There are many brands selling oatmeal which is almost ready, you just have to boil it to combine with other stuff.

  • Cornflakes

Another great option for breakfast cereals is Cornflakes. This cereal is healthy in diet and good in taste as well. Having thiamine as its major ingredient, this cereal helps in increasing carb metabolism which definitely helps diabetic patients.

When consumed with fruits, the fiber is also added to the cereal which fulfills the needs of fiber intake. Many brands are there offering healthy Cornflakes, Kellog is one of those which manufactures high-quality cornflakes.

  • Cheerios Gluten-free Cereal

Cheerios is a popular product line from General Mills. The Cheerios gluten-free cereal is another healthy option for breakfast cereals. Especially, the people suffering from diabetes and heart problems should consume it as a healthy breakfast meal.

The multi-grain cheerios is a cereal that is enriched with 5 whole grains and other essential nutrients. So, you spend your whole day with full energy after consuming this power-packed cereal.

Alongside the whole grains, it is also filled up with 9 vitamins and minerals. Moreover, this cereal is cholesterol free which makes it a great meal for heart patients as well.

Final Thoughts

With the above 5 best breakfast kinds of cereal, you have multiple options to select from. If you are a diabetes patient, do not worry about your breakfast meals. With these cereals, you can have a nutritious and delicious diet that will give you a day full of energy.

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