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Are online casinos a good alternative for traditional casino lovers?

Visiting casinos is a favorite leisure activity in many parts of the world. Since online casinos came to operation in 1996, the debate of which is better does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Both worlds of online casinos offer different experiences for gamblers.

Some love the convenience and exciting options of online casinos, while other gamblers would not trade anything for a night at their favorite casino spots. This article objectively compares the two casino options with insights as a guide to satisfy your gaming and gambling needs at any point in time.

The Pros of online casinos


For many gamblers, this is the first attraction of playing at an online casino. Not only does it save them a lot of effort and time to travel several kilometers to enjoy a lot of expense, enjoy their favorite casino games.

Better Privacy

Gambling is a legalized activity in New Zealand and several other countries, but many gamblers still prefer online casino privacy. Placing bets, winning, and withdrawing without attention or the prying eyes of the public make playing online more attractive.

Bonuses and Promotions

The online casino industry is highly competitive. In a bid to win their customers’ hearts, online casinos often try to attract and keep your loyalty with different exciting bonuses and promotions. Online casinos can afford to be so generous even offering no deposit free spins bonuses, one of the best casino bonuses because they have lesser overhead costs compared to physical casinos.

Wide Game Selection

You’re always spoilt for choices when playing online casinos compared to traditional casinos limited by space and equipment. Online casinos can afford to provide all categories of games from classic to modern sports and sometimes in different variations.

Unlimited options and lower betting limit

Gamblers can afford to pick and choose their preferred online casinos. Casino locations are most times limited in some countries and far between. For instance, New Zealand has six recognized casinos but unlimited options to choose from, either New Zealand-based or foreign online casinos. Also, the overall cost of placing a bet in an online casino can be as low as $1.

The cons of Online Casinos

Higher risk of addiction

Online casinos increase the ease of gambling. The only effort you need is to log in and start playing through your Smartphone or computer. The convenience of playing online casino increases the risk of addiction significantly.

No social interaction

One major appeal of a traditional Casino is the interaction with the dealers and other gamblers. The social interaction makes a physical casino a place to make friends and enjoy great times. Unfortunately, it is hard to get that from an online casino even with the live dealer feature.

Delayed withdrawal

Except for a few reputable online casinos, withdrawing your winnings is not always instant. Online casinos, most times, take 24 hours or more to process your withdrawal.

The pros of traditional casinos

Immersive atmosphere

It is almost impossible to replicate the immersive and real experience of a land-based casino via the internet. The convenience of online casinos cannot replace the attractive colors, specially selected music, the chattering of other gamblers and many more.

Instant payout

In a physical casino, there is no waiting to cash out your winnings. You only have to walk up to the cashier to your cash out, unless you won a jackpot, which may take some processing time.

Less impulsive gambling

Almost all online casinos preach responsible gambling. But is it that easy? The ease of logging in to your preferred online casino leads to a higher risk of uncontrollable gambling behavior. Though there is a chance of gambling problems in a land-based casino, the effort it takes to travel gives the gambler more restraint.

The cons of Land-based casinos

More expensive

Gambling can be a costly pastime. It is even more so playing at a land-based casino when you factor in the transport or flight to Las Vegas, booking a hotel and other expenses to make visiting a physical casino worthwhile.

Less betting options

Land-based casinos are restricted to a limited number of games due to space, personnel and the equipment needed to provide extensive options. Some online casinos offer over 1000 games because they don’t have to deal with those limitations.

Time Wasting

Whether it is work or fun, time is always of the essence. Sometimes, you have to wait for space to open up in a biscuit casino to get a chance to play. No need to wait when you can access as many games as you want from any internet-connected smartphone or computer. And play to your heart content.

Final Verdict

Are online casinos a better alternative to online casinos? Simple is Yes. More gamblers prefer online gambling to land-based casinos because it has more benefits that satisfy the need of  new-age players. After all said, your choice depends on whether you are playing for entertainment or strictly for money and other preferences.

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