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Application Fields of Motor Manufacturing Equipment

Motor manufacturing equipment has become indispensable automation equipment for the production of motors in many industries, such as automobiles, toys, power tools, medical equipment, and household appliances. Micromotors are often used in control systems or transmission mechanical loads to realize electromechanical signals or energy detection, analytical operations, amplification, execution, or conversion functions.

Micro DC motors are divided into two types: Brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors. Brushless DC motor also referred to as BLDC motor. Today, the Brushless motor is far more common than the brushed motor. Currently, Brushed DC motors used in household appliances frequently and in automobiles.

Brushless DC motor more reliability and longevity, it is used more in electric vehicles and electric tools.

Motor manufacturing equipment applicable fields include:

  1. New energy vehicle motor and automobile motor.

For example, a new energy vehicle drives the motor, hairpin motor stator, gearbox motor, oil pump motor stator, engine throttle motor, window motor, ABS motors, HVAC Actuators, etc. Automobile motors have high-performance requirements and high added value features. By using a fully automatic motor production line, the production efficiency and output of enterprises can be improved, and labor and management costs can be reduced. As many countries around the world provide the concept of energy-saving and emission reduction, new energy vehicles will gradually replace fuel vehicles at a more reasonable price. Therefore, new energy vehicles and related automobile parts companies have many market opportunities.

New energy vehicle motor


  1. Household motor.

There are many types of motors for home appliances, and the demand is also large. It belongs to a relatively mature market, but as people have higher and higher requirements for electrical appliances, household appliances tend to be multi-functional, power-saving, low-noise, and intelligent. Products that use motors in household appliances include air conditioners, fans, power tools, grinders, etc.

  1. Medical equipment, communication, and computer products.

For example, the assembly of medical testing equipment, treatment equipment, mobile phones, computers, and other micro-motors. The value of this type of product is high, and the market demand is great. Medical equipment, mobile phones, and computers are indispensable in our lives, and there is a large demand for use.

  1. Toy motor and Radio-Controlled Models.

Air planes motor, boats motor, cars motor, etc. The value of toy motors is relatively low compared to higher-priced products such as automobiles and medical equipment. If a company needs to invest fully automatic motor production line, they need a lot of output needs.

  1. Office equipment motor

Stapler motor, paper shredder motor, printer cutter motor, laser printer motor, vending machine motor, inkjet printer motor, etc.

  1. Others motor assembly

gearbox motor, air pumps, end cap, dust collector motor, rotor, stator, NR inductor winding, etc.

Others motor assembly

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New energy vehicle motor

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