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Amazing Games To Forget About Daily Problems

Today, we can find many different amazing games around the world. Games help us to chill and rest after a hard-working day. There are many new gaming studios that are willing to conquer the fans’ love. Games are becoming more and more interesting. If you enjoy feeling the adrenaline, then try to gain some might by joining the casino PlayAmo. We are going to share some of the latest news from the tremendous gaming world. Play fair and have fun!

PlayStation 6 And New Xbox

Sony already has an idea of ​​when to expect the PS6, as court documents indicate. And by the looks of it, Microsoft is following a similar plan for the new Xbox. Console cycles are hard to predict, but historically Sony has released a new PlayStation every 6-7 years. Since the PS5 launched in November 2020, the next generation can be expected in 2027. But in this case, Sony documents released as part of the Activision Blizzard acquisition proceedings indicate that the nextgen will be released after 2027.

Sony has said that Microsoft has offered to release Activision games on the PlayStation until 2027 if the deal goes through. Sony noted that if it agreed to this, then Call of Duty and other popular Activision games would not be on the PS6, which could push gamers to abandon the PS6 in favor of the Xbox, making the market less competitive. Part of the document is hidden, but it can be deduced that it refers to plans for the launch of the PS6 in 2028.

Indeed, the next generation of consoles isn’t expected until fall 2028 at best. So we have six more years ahead of us with the PS5 and Xbox Series. Each of the companies has its own trump cards. Sony is systematically releasing significant exclusives, and Microsoft is actively sponsoring GamePass, while the studios are preparing a line of titles starting in 2023 and such a blockbuster as Starfield.

Guilty Gear Strive

The developers of the fighting game Guilty Gear Strive from Arc System Works have published a trailer dedicated to the hero Shin Kiska. The character is part of the second season pass and is already available in the game. In August of this year, the heroine Bridget debuted, and in 2023 the developers are going to release two more. Also soon Arc System Works will add a cross-platform multiplayer option to the fighting game.

In the summer, Arc System Works reported on its Twitter that sales of Guilty Gear Strive exceeded one million copies. Guilty Gear Strive is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. The fighting game will be released on Xbox One and Xbox Series in 2023.

The Long Dark: Tales From The Far Territory

Developer Hinterland has announced that the first Tales from the Far Territory paid pass for The Long Dark survival game will go on sale on Steam and the Epic Games Store on December 5th. PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch players will have to wait until early 2023.

The paid add-on will expand the game world with three new regions – Airfield, Industrial Mine, Mountain Pass, new game mechanics, including insomnia, shelter customization, a merchant, and much more. All new content from the DLC (including free content) will be released within 12 months with periodic updates. According to Hinterland, big updates with paid and free content will be released every 8-10 weeks. There will be six updates in total.

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