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All the Bright Places Drama Reviews

‘All the Bright Places’ Drama Reviews

All the bright places directed by Brett Haley tackle a lot of dark issues faced by the teens, but it also gives us a lot of proper life lessons. There is a morning of every night, and we should give up and become hopeless just because we are facing difficulties in our lives. The series is about two hurting souls who are drenched in pain and sorrow. They begin to heal each other when they get close and fall in love. The series all the bright places focus is warmth and compassion and how one person’s sincerity and heartfelt feelings can transform into a stronger and better person.

Cute leads and their heartwarming interactions

The USP of the series is none other than the leads of the show. Every time they come together, and we see them interacting chills go down through our spine because they are so warm, cute, and compassionate to each other. The series stands out because of its solid soundtrack and the pure and innocent scenes that the leads share. The leads who play the teens are twenty-something in real life and have acted brilliantly as effected teens suffering because of their past. The teenagers have had a horrible past, and together they try to find the light in the darkest and make efforts to find hope in the messy life they have. The leads have incredible chemistry, and you can’t tell by watching them onscreen that they are acting. They are just so real that you can hardly know that they are not a couple.

Exploring serious Content related to the teens of today

All the bright places critics’ reviews have been great because the series focuses on serious issues like suicide, which is a sensitive issue among teens. Every other day we hear teens giving up on their life, so such problems need to be dealt with carefully. Teens go through a bad mental state and face extreme grief and sorrow before they take the serious step of committing suicide. The series has a sensitive plot, and it might trigger those who are already suffering from a bad phase in their life. The director and the makers of the series have dealt with the issue carefully, and they have made sure to teach the teens the right way of life.

Fighting and facing hardships is the only solution to every problem, and facing the fear and fighting the pain is the only thing one needs to do consistently. There will be a time in life when we would be happy and would be able to thank ourselves for surviving the hardest of time. You will only be ready to face the good times if you manage to pass the bad times with strength. Finding ways and reasons to stay alive can sometimes be hard, but we need to make extra efforts to make sure that we survive the bad times because we deserve to be happy.

All the bright places-Finds romance in the darkness

The director Brett Haley takes all the audience on a love ride as we can see true feelings of passionate love between Elle Fanning and Justice Smith. The overall journey gives us all a dark feel but romance is something which we all can look out for. You won’t find any humor but the problems of teens are personated in the most special ways and no matter what age group you belong to you will connect with them.

In All The Bright Places Violet meets Theodore when she is mourning the death of her sister that’s why she is in pain and cannot open up to him smoothly. Theodore makes an effort to brighten up her life and they happen to be a part of a class project together. Though the drama does exceptionally well in building up the love story of the leads the director fails to develop anything interesting for the supporting cast. Many may feel that the secondary cast has nothing special to offer. The counselor and teen friends who could have been an exciting addition disappear without making any mark then it would be good.

Interesting Fact about All The Bright Places

It would be interesting for you to know that All The Bright Places have been adapted by Liz Hannah’s post. In addition to portraying the feelings of love between teens, the drama focuses on grief and mental illness with a lot of convincing screenplays. You will witness small joys, value them, and also witness moments of sadness and pain among the leads more specifically.

All the Bright Places plot

The performances by Elle and Justice have been convincing enough to make us fall in love with their characters. If we talk about All the Bright Places plot, then it’s warm enough to fill your heart with feelings of love, joy, and sadness as you get to witness the journey of the leads in a unique way. The sadness that blooms in the story may be a turnoff but the love story is like a breath of fresh air and this is what many people are liking.

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All the Bright Places ‘reviews

Most of the All the Bright Places ‘reviews which are coming out from the audience seem to be positive. As they have loved how mental illness issue has been portrayed by the director and screenplay writer. Most of the characters don’t behave or act in a predictable way. Which is mostly a turn out when the audience is watching a film or any drama. Violet’s emotional breakdown has specifically been loved by one and all. But most of the audience doesn’t usually love to watch tears or too many breakdowns especially. When it comes to their beloved characters.

The sweetness and courtship in the relationship between Violet and his hero are enticing.  The story between them takes a turn when they are selected for a geography assignment together. This is one of the moments that love the most audience as they can’t help. But feel happy enough for their beloved characters.

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