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Akhilendra Sahu Had An Open Mind To Discover Hidden Opportunities

 Akhilendra Sahu Had An Open Mind To Discover Hidden Opportunities

Open mind Early childhood, Family background, and motivation: “We never lack in money, but lack people with dreams, who can die for those dreams” – Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba

Further, This quote typifies the spirit of middle-class Indians, a paradigm shift from a conservative mindset to an open and adventurous one. Akhilendra is a product of this new mindset, characterized by hunger for success with a strong work ethic. Moreover, Akhilendra was born in a middle-class family. Like most of the teenagers in this era, open mind which saw social media change the landscape of online business. Akhilendra’s role model was Jack Ma, founder as well as of one of the online e-commerce site Alibaba. Jack never says die attitude in the midst of gigantic challenges captured the mind of Akhilendra. 

Career and achievement

Open mind Akhilendra is the founder & CEO of ASTNT Technologies Private Limited & many Subsidiaries Companies like Technical Next, StartUp199, InfinityFame, ThePublishly & ASTNT Media.

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people “- Eleanor Roosevelt

Thus his foray in digital space started with an ad making for Google AdSense and Facebook. He achieved remarkable success with millions of followers on Instagram and Google AdSense.And his dream of owning a house and a car was very much in the realms of possibility.

Future and challenges:

“Your attitude determines your altitude” – Edwin M Sarmiento

Open mind Akhilendra had to face a few difficulties with a social. And making policies placing restrictions on advertisement making a budget. Still, Akhilendra’s appetite for learning grew his expertise in other businesses like e-commerce. An excellent lesson for any entrepreneur is the capability to diversify through continuous learning and a unique business sense.

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