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Advantages of collecting donations online

Advantages of collecting donations online

The Internet has become the most important part of our lives as we spend the major part of our day surfing the web. Like every other industry, the fundraising industry is also growing. People have started to give and collect donations online. According to statistical studies, from all over the world, 54% of the donors prefer to donate money online, so there is a rapid increase in donation collecting every year. In 2017, it grew 12.1% and is still increasing significantly. You can have significant advantages in collecting online donations. Some of the advantages of collecting online donation are as follows.

1.Saves time and money

One of the biggest benefits of online donating is that it saves your time and money. During offline fundraising, you need to follow a series of steps such as getting the check in the mail, waiting for the check to be sent and delivered and entering the database, sending an appreciation letter and a tax receipt.  Online fundraising can save you from such a long process of donations. The whole process is automated, and you do not need to enter the database manually. It also cuts off several other costs in the completion of the process. The fundraising process completes instantly with fewer costs, so it becomes beneficial for fundraising on online platforms rather than offline fundraising programs.

2.Getting better data and reporting

Online fundraising has made the process instant, and you can have instant access to your data. You can keep a check on incoming donations and make reports to have a crystal clear picture of your strive for giving donations. The automated system also reduces manual or human mistakes, such as adding or missing a zero from an amount. The better are the data and reporting, the more easily you can donate the funds to your schemes.

3.Improves donor relationships

Online fundraising removes all the hurdles which can come in the way of fundraising, making the way smooth and easy for the donors. The donors do not need to waste time in documentation and paperwork, but they can raise funds while staying at home using their smartphones. Moreover, they get a thank you or an appreciation letter as soon as they have increased the funds. This builds a good relationship between the donors and the acceptors. You do receive not only the donation but also get their contact information to grow a great relationship. Creating a welcome series can add to the strength of the relationships.

4.Expanding your reach

Anyone from anywhere can join online methods to take part in the fundraising programs as soon as he has a device with a good quality internet connection. You do not need to ask one by one from the donors to raise a fund. There are several other ways to donate funds such as crowdfunding or chain funding, and providing online options for fundraising can help a lot. Letting the donors donate on your behalf can add up to the expanding of your donor base.


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