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You Need To Know About Grommets Surgery

Grommets surgery also termed as ventilation or tympanostomy tubes are mini tubes of plastic or metal which are inserted into eardrum with a small operation. This procedure is called a myringotomy. A grommet is about 1.5 – 2mm full tube. tinnitus after grommet insertion allows the air to enter into the middle ear. It reduces the chances of the continuous build-up of liquid. If your child has ear infection with grommets, then pus will flow through it. Doctors may recommend some ear drops rather than medicines.

Grommets work as the eustachian tube. But it is temporary until the child’s eustachian tubes are developed to work. The eustachian tubes connect the nose and throat with the middle ear from behind the eardrum. Most of the grommets fall out in six to eighteen months.

According to the situation, doctors suggest grommets surgery for protection from recurrent ear infections and glue ear. They mostly advise to get grommets if they see symptoms like glue ear for more than 2 to 3 months, hearing loss, six ear infections every year, or previous issues of ear infections. Hearing loss provoked by fluid in the middle of the ear gets better with grommets in place. Every parent wants a better life for their child, the grommet insertion procedure.

This process usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. The surgeon cuts a small slit in the eardrum and then puts the grommet. Tinnitus after grommet insertion there is no pain in the ears after the grommet insertion, but if the patient experiences any aching, he should see the doctor immediately. Though the patient may feel disturbed and anxious at first, after some hours, they come back to normal. Parents will notices improvement in their child’s hearing.

In rare cases, the patient may have to bear the discharge, but it is not painful, and it can be treated with some eardrops suggested by the doctors. But if this secretion continues, then the patient must visit an ENT specialist. Doctors recommend protecting from the water getting in the ear. When swimming, showering, or taking a bath, use earplugs. If the patient does not take care of these things, then he will get the infection. Discuss these things with a doctor, or ask a surgeon after the operation. In some cases, children may have ear problems repeatedly once the grommets surgery fall out. They will need grommets again.

Grommets surgery may get block infrequently. If this happens, use eardrops to clear it. Few children may have continuous discharge from ears. In a few children, the grommets do not come out in 3 years. In such a case, the child may need more anesthesia while removing grommets. Removing the grommets increases the chance of return of ear infection or glue ear. You can ask your family doctor or an ENT specialist.


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