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A rising star The Opposite Of Sad Is Making It To The Industry

Music can change someone’s bad mood, make them excited for what’s coming, or make them calm when they are angry. Music is so important in one’s life. According to some researches, music can heal wounds that some medications can’t. Music allows us to feel nearly to nature and possibly all emotions that we experience in our lives. The possibilities are endless. It is an essential part of our lives and listening to music can also motivate a person to create good music.

Talking about creating music or songs, some people think that making a name in the music industry is very easy and a child’s play. Trust on me when I tell you that it is not. There are so many gurus of music working day and night to provide their fans with good music and songs. As we have heard of the phrase “No success without pain and struggle.”

There is always something that can be an inspiration for someone, inspiring people to be better, do better, and compete. For some weak-hearted people, this inspiration and competition can be a reason for depression, but few can take this competition as an inspiration and motivation.


Talking about those gurus of the music industry, we cannot ignore the presence and contribution of our Rising American star The Opposite of sad. He has made some strong roots in the music industry in a short time because of his excellent talent and unique style. He was born in Los Angeles. He was always fond of music, and when he joined the school, his parents asked him to join the school music band as it can help him pay school fees because his family was struggling financially.

No pain, no gain:

When he was in the school band, he had to face so much bullying. He was a strong man, and he never wanted to quit just because of this silly bullying. When he started to think about quit because his girlfriend had to face some bullying too because of their relationship, there was a time when he started to think about quit. She decided to break up with him as things were getting out of control. This was the time when he started thinking that music does not worth all this. His parents and some loyal friends motivated him because they knew he could make his feet in the music industry.

So, continuing his music career, he joined high school and joined a band there. He started playing guitar and drums, and when he was graduated from high school, he began to work on his laptop to make electronic music. He had to face some mental issues because he started doing drugs, smoking, and alcohol. He started getting haunted by his memories from the past. He used to cry in the bathroom.

Way to glory:

As we know that hard works always pays you off. His music tracks started to get fame and success around the globe. He took his breakup and heartbreaks as his deep motivation.

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