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A digital agency in Basel for website design & development

In Basel, very close to Mulhouse, you will find the best digital agency to meet the needs of your company or business. Mars Rouge is the web agency with the most complete service in digital communication and advertising; with results that exceed all expectations, thanks to the professionalism and commitment of its staff. Julien Di Giusto, an entrepreneur, founded the agency in 2012.

For Mars Rouge innovation and authenticity in each project developed is key to achieve that distinction that is key in every process. The support towards the clients is evident even from the first contacts.

One of the most outstanding features of this digital agency is the high quality of its proposals, based on the original concept of each project. Each of the pieces of advice given is proof of the preparation of its members. Mars Rouge evaluates all the details that can contribute positively to promote the advertising and communication of each company. They go beyond the “apparently” obvious. This is another of its strengths.

Mars Rouge the most complete digital agency

The professionals of Mars Rouge are ready to offer you all their advice and help in the welfare of your project; which for this agency is as important as for you.

The options are quite wide. If you have a solid business for years but want to join the new processes of digital promotion; Mars Rouge offers all the help for the digital transformation of your company.

The promotion of your products through an easy to use catalogue will be possible, as well as their marketing. Your company will have a new sales strategy as safe and reliable as the traditional ones, only with greater possibilities of diffusion. Mars Rouge offers you the advice and materializes for you the best page for electronic commerce.

In Mars Rouge, the design of your website will be in excellent hands. In this way, your company ensures a visually attractive website with the right elements to ensure your visibility.

The Mars Rouge agency will take care of all the details so that it is responsive, that is. Its contents can see efficiently on any type of mobile device. Have a pleasant text structure, with the typography of easy and pleasant reading, in short, that responds to the scannability.

Mars Rouge will ensure your page is load quickly and efficiently. Because it knows how important. It is to value the time of customers. Besides this is one of the most valued features on a web page, apart from its content.

Mars Rouge founded:

Mars Rouge, founded by Julien Di Giusto, will take care of your company’s image, ensuring that it is totally professional. Your website will always leave the best impression on your customers and will bring them an interesting experience that they will want to repeat.

However, the efforts do not stop there. In Mars Rouge, the advice and practice can help you improve in many other aspects. Once your website is up and running, the next step is to place your company’s name at the top of the search results. Mars Rouge offers you the best SEO service through powerful content marketing.

In order for your company’s name to appear in search engines, you need to update your content in a strategic and intelligent way that helps you get on the radar. Mars Rouge provides all the advice and effective techniques to search engine marketing.

So, when a person inquires about the services that companies like your offer, for example, he or she will have a better chance of being among the top choices.

Mars Rouge offers you the best advice and execution strategies for quality digital marketing for your company, with immediate, certifiable, and measured results in real-time. With this tool, you will know the scope of your company.

Do you want content that leaves a mark? Mars Rouge offers you the best tools to generate intelligent and valuable video content for your company. It can play on all devices. Mars Rouge guarantees the capture of a larger audience. Potential customers that will have attracted by your services.

Mars Rouge helps you grow as a company

Hiring by this highly professional and trained web agency. You are making the best decision for your company. Mars Rouge aims to help you grow and has the best tools to help you in this transition.

The results can see in more than 8 years of uninterrupted activity, from Switzerland to France. Hundreds of companies and businesses endorse the quality of a job well done.

Mars Rouge is composed of a group of professional experts in communications, marketing, advertising, and sales. Everything with high knowledge of the different phases that are part of the creative process. In Mars Rouge, each of their projects will be developed with total success.

In Mars Rouge, the 360-degree strategy, visual identity, consulting, and web development are defined as the pillars of the business. This highly creative and talented agency, we contribute with the clients to achieve the creation of their creative identities as companies.

Graphic and digital designs are part of the creative core. Firstly, There brand identities are born and digital proposals are developed in which the word innovation defines everything. Secondly, Creativity, intelligence, professionalism, mystique, experience, and real bonding have made a difference. Mars Rouge is managing with these standards.

The customer always takes first place in Mars Rouge. The commitment of this digital agency is to provide quality and unique products that exceed all expectations.

Mars Rouge puts companies in the spotlight. So, customers always talk about them with the best references.

Success at Mars Rouge has measured the achievements of the customers. What better motivation?

At Mars Rouge, the digital agency founded by Julien Di Giusto, an SEO consultant, customers will always be motivated to be curious and daring; to develop a global vision that will help them evaluate options. All within the most absolute respect for their idea and with coherent communication.

Each project is a successful combination of strategies with a unique design, developed through the use of the best technology, to offer the client favourable results based on the client’s experience. The goal in mind will always be to be helpful in making each business prosper.

Experiences| The motorcycle museum

This interesting museum that was built in a renovated barn, presents an interesting collection of about 90 vintage motorcycles that stand out for their impeccable condition. They include such important brands as Radio, Ravat, Liberia, Hercules, among others.

The community of municipalities, owner of this initiative, was responsible for requesting Mars Rouge to create the website for this motorcycle museum.

Mars Rouge did a work focused on the digital, resulting in a highly responsive web design site to provide a comfortable user experience in all media.

This website is also distinguished for being bilingual, an addition that had to be implemented due to the museum’s geographical position, 500 meters away from Germany.

This speaks once again of the high commitment and great capacity of Mars Rouge as an agency; to respond to every need in favour of the user and obviously the client.

Each of the websites developed by Mars Rouge has the elements of a functional, serious, and professional digital platform. This will help each client to make themselves known to the users.

Mars Rouge helps you create websites that are attractive to users and succeed in conquering them.

Experiences: Geomex

In a first contact Geomex experts in topography and geomatics; requested the work of Mars Rouge for a redesign of its logo and to carry out the update of several office tools: such as stationery, brochures, and business cards.

Mars Rouge advanced the project by focusing on visual identity.

Thanks to another work done for the development of their website, Geomex and Mars Rouge received a Communication Trophy in Cannes in 2017. These awards, organized by Wexcom, aim to highlight the achievements of communication professionals.

Geomex was awarded in the category “Best professional website for companies with less than 4

employees. Thanks to this project developed by Mars Rouge, they came in fifth place in the awards.

The results of Mars Rouge are as solid as the set of professionals that make up this web agency; which has great collective support for helping make each project a reality in a personalized way.

What distinguishes Mars Rouge is its ability to offer quality responses to clients whose goal is to revive their companies through an effective communication strategy, intelligent marketing, and certified results.

This important web agency based in Basel and Mulhouse represents the perfect option for all those who wish to develop a communication campaign to make their brand visible; through a unique design that reflects the identity of their company. Don´t forget to visit their website for more information

Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.
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