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A difficult choice: cinematic or documentary style wedding video

All newlyweds order wedding videography to capture the festive atmosphere. This allows them to review their own film with their friends and children afterward. Professional wedding videographers in Miami offer two styles of shooting to choose from cinematographic and documentary. Each one has its own advantages. What are their differences, you may ask? Learn about that in our article.

Cinematographic wedding video

Original video using drones, slow motion video, and ingenious voice-over – these are called cinematic style wedding videography. You will get a unique and creative review of your own wedding ceremony. Various shots, such as the bride’s gathering, meeting the groom, the first kiss as husband and wife, the wedding cake, and elements of the décor are combined to produce a unified story. Narrative, editing, and a certain style are used, during the creation of the usual movies.

In this style, there may be only one limitation – the level of professionalism of the operator. You can use your own imagination for the mood of your love story. You can make a movie in a humorous, romantic or any other style. A picture is the best way to reveal your personality and individuality.

Keep in mind that you cannot do this on your own. You should not ask your friends to film you with the phone in their hands. Allow yourself and your guests to enjoy the atmosphere of the celebration for which you have been preparing for so long.

It is recommended that you hire a real professional to get a cinematic movie. Agree with a specialist on the details of the shooting, and you do not have to worry that the situation will get out of hand, or that a certain moment will be missed. The videographer will take responsibility for the filming process. Moreover, believe us, not a single detail will slip from the professional gaze: whether it is the magic word “Yes” or the original element of decor at the table.

Cinematographic shooting implies the use of modern equipment, capable of performing various cinematographic techniques. Accordingly, it should be carried out exclusively by a professional cameraman. Only in this case, do you get a stunning result from the work done. A professional videographer can also incorporate other tactics, such as having a professional voice-over actor narrate your special day.

Documentary style wedding video

A step-by-step video of the wedding day, from the morning until the last guest leaves, is called a documentary wedding video. It does not apply additional editing; there is no narration or special effects. This style conveys the natural atmosphere of your celebration, real emotions, and touching moments.

Documentary, of course, is not as creative as cinematographic, but it is not less popular. It will help to recreate a real picture of the day’s celebration, highlighting the smallest details. 

True professionals can apply the photojournalistic method, which will make your video more original and exciting.

Documentary style wedding video

Advantages of the styles

The two styles of cinematic vs documentary wedding video are completely different. A cinematic video is more imaginative and creative, which may require repeating certain scenes. The newlyweds and guests will sometimes feel like actors on a movie set. A documentary reflects the realism of the event, and the videographer will be invisible to the people who are around. In terms of time, it usually lasts longer, capturing more fine details. In the cinematic style, many moments have to be cut out so that the film has a certain style.

There are also differences in cost: a documentary will be cheaper because it requires minimal editing. To create a cinematographic version, the operator should put a lot of effort, so the price will be higher.


Therefore, which style is preferable: documentary or cinematographic? There is no definite answer. In any case, the final decision is up to you. It is recommended to view several videos in different styles before making the final choice. 

How to find a reliable and experienced operator? There are several ways:

  • ask acquaintances to share a contact;
  • consult the agency organizing your celebration for a potential candidate;
  • search on social networks and other Internet spaces.

By contacting our Miami wedding professionals, you will make your choice easier. The videographers at Vanilla Brides will provide you with top-notch footage in any style.

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