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A Boy Called Christmas: Cast, plot, release date & everything you need to know

Discover how to watch the mystical experience, which flaunts a cast including Kristen Wiig, Sally Hawkins, Maggie Smith and Stephen Merchant close by newbie Henry Lawfull in the featuring job. We as a whole love somewhat enchantment at Christmas time, and Sky Cinema is without a doubt bringing one of the greatest bubbly motion pictures of the year to your family room. A Boy Called Christmas is the profoundly expected film dependent on Matt Haig’s novel, the first of five books in the acclaimed series. Adjusted for the screen by Ol Parker and Gil Kenan, it’s certain to get you in the bubbly soul. Here’s beginning and end you need to know. 

What’s going on with A Boy Called Christmas? 

In view of the top of the line book by Matt Haig, the story follows a little youngster called Nikolas who sets out on experience looking. For his dad who is set for discover the town of the mythical beings, Elfhelm. 

With a reindeer called Blitzen and a pet mouse, the story works out in a supernatural, funny. And charming way – and demonstrates that the sky is the limit. 

Who’s in the cast? 

The youthful leads incorporate novice Henry Lawfull (Les Miserables) as Nikolas, Indica Watson (The Missing, Deep State, Gold Digger) as Little Noosh and Zoe Margaret Colletti (Fear The Walking Dead, Rubicon) as The Truth Pixie. 

A Boy Called Christmas

Stephen Merchant (The Office, Extras, Jojo Rabbit) gives the voice of Miika, and there are some other exceptionally natural faces in the principle jobs. Including Michiel Huisman (The Flight Attendant, Angela Black) as Joel. Maggie Smith (Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, Sister Act) as Aunt Ruth, Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids, The Martian, Ghostbusters). As Aunt Carlotta, Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water, Happy-Go-Lucky, Made in Dagenham). As Mother Something, Toby Jones (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Wayward Pines, Marvelous) as Father Topo. And Jim Broadbent (Iris, Longford, Moulin Rouge!) as Father Vodol. 

‘A Boy Called Christmas’ locations

Filming of A Boy Called Christmas passed off in Lapland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and London. It changed into directed with the aid of Academy Award nominee Gil Kenan (Monster House). Ol Parker (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and Gil Kenan adapted the screenplay from the bestselling book by way of Matt Haig (see below).

‘A Boy Called Christmas’ plot 

A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas follows a decidedly regular boy known as Nikolas, nicknamed ‘Christmas’, who sets out on an superb journey into the snowy north looking for his father who is on a quest to find the fabled elf village of Elfheim. It’s a dangerous trek and Nikolas faces many barriers however he in the end discovers Elfheim, that is handiest found thru authentic religion. However, there he learns that human beings are hugely unpopular and he’s thrown right into a dungeon with a hungry troll and a reality pixie, who can’t inform lies. No spoilers here but it’s fair to mention Nikolas goes on pretty the journey, in extra approaches than one!

‘A Boy Called Christmas’ — the books with the aid of Matt Haig 

A Boy Called Christmas with the aid of Matt Haig is the primary in a festive series of books for children by the best-selling writer and mental fitness campaigner. His other books encompass The Girl Who Saved Christmas and A Mouse Called Miika, approximately Nikolas’ trusty accomplice. So don’t surprised if they make it onto the huge screen too. The idea happened whilst Matt’s son asked what Father Christmas become like as a boy. 

“I wrote this tale to cheer myself up,” Matt wrote on Instagram while he saw the movie’s poster. “A story of hope in the dark. Never anticipated this to occur.”

Is there a trailer? 

Indeed, you can watch the mystical trailer here: 

When to watch A Boy Called Christmas 

Watch A Boy Called Christmas on Sky Cinema and NOW from November 26.


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