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9 best conference swag & gift ideas for 2021

Whether you have been at any conference or not, you must be aware of what a conference swag is and what is the purpose behind conducting it. It is obvious that conference swag includes the sharing of free items with the attendees.

If you are about to launch a new brand of yours or simply you need to promote a previously existing one, the conference swag and giveaway of products can be equally helpful for you.

But, before you start distribution of giveaways, it is necessary for you to select the conference swag gift ideas or promotional giveaway products carefully. Without being careful and selective in this regard, you can not succeed in promoting your brand effectively.

In addition to the products like customized brand logo stickers and customized logo pins, there is a wide range of products one may select as promotional products. Here are some of the best conference swag and gift ideas that you may try in 2021.

Gift cards:

As far as the promotion of your brand is concerned, you can try gift cards. Gift cards can work more efficiently because they grab the attention of the audience easily. The main reason behind their effectiveness is the special feature that allows the customers to choose the objects of their own choice.

It is the power of choosing the products that attract the audience the most. So, we can say that the distribution or giveaway of gift cards is the most practical and perfect option when it comes to the finding best conference swag and gift ideas.


Although this idea of conference swag or promotional products can be a little bit pricey it may be more productive than many other products. There are different types of bags that you may go for. It can be another backpack, a briefcase, or even a tote bag that you need to use as a promotional product.

You can get a number of bags from a wholesale dealer and put your brand’s logo on them. Then you can easily distribute them to your audience or clients as conference swags or gifts.

And it is worth mentioning here that people are more likely to accept these kinds of products and gifts. Therefore, you may prefer them as promotional products for your brand.


As we know people always love to have books on their shelves, libraries, or anywhere in their home so that they may read them in their reading time. However, it is necessary for you to consider their choice and interests in your mind while selecting the books you are going to distribute among the customers as conference swags.

It is also worth discussing here that no matter a person reads a book or not after getting it from you, the logo or symbols of your brand will be in front of his eyes when books are placed on a shelf. You can even consider personalized memo pads for this purpose.

Thus, more exposure to the logo of your brand will be helpful in creating awareness about your brand in the mind of that person. In this way, you can develop your brand identity.

Food items:

Food items can help your audience of the conference feel relaxed. They may act as a source of refreshment for the attendees of the conference. It will also help them get relieved from boredom or tiredness if they are feeling so.

In this way, making the customer our audience happy and delighted is the best way to win their favors and trust. So, you may consider this type of product as well for conference swags.


Giving clothing products as conference swags can also be as effective as other products categorized for the same purpose. For example, if you give or distribute clothing like T-Shirts, pants, or jackets, the customers will find these products beneficial for them.

Not only this but when they will wear a piece of clothing with your brand name on it, your brand will automatically be promoted upon exposure to the people in public places.

Screen cleaners:

Even though the advancing technology has made the number of screens increase manifold in the lives of people in the form of TV, computers and smart phones, but still there are very few people who take care of their screens properly.

For instance, if we observe around us, very few people have screen cleaners. Therefore, choosing screen cleaners as conference swag is a worth considering idea. It will add uniqueness and creativity to the promotional products of your brand.


Another important thing that can be used as conference swag is sunglasses. Choosing the sunglasses as giveaway products for the attendees of your conference can make your customers feel that your brand really cares for them and it is not just limited to the sale of products.

If your budget allows, you can go for better-quality sunglasses like those having polaroid glass. It will cost you a little bit more but it will have a positive effect on the promotion of your brand.

Portable charger:

Low charging of cell phones is one of the most common problems a person may face while traveling or attending any seminar or conference. It can be irritating for a lot of people, irrespective of whether they are at work or somewhere else.

A portable charger is a dependable solution to this problem. So, you may consider this product as conference swag as well.

Scratch cards:

No matter how many people are going to attend the conference, credit cards will be more suitable for your brand instead of giving premium gifts to each of the attendees.

So, we can say that when it comes to giving gifts or conference swags to the audience or customers, there can be no option more budget-friendly than scratch cards.


If you are wondering about how to find the best conference swags and gift ideas, you can take help from this article. The products that can be used as conference swag and gifts include customized brand logo stickers.

Moreover, you may also use customized logo pins for the same purpose. In addition to it, you may also choose any of the above-mentioned nine different conference swag and gift ideas for the advertisement of your brand.

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