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8 Tips To Choose From The Best Start Health Insurance Plan For You

Star Health Insurance is one of the biggest names in the Indian health insurance industry. The company is one of the oldest providers of medical insurance in the country and also has a wide variety of health insurance plans on offer. While all the plans are well designed and economically priced, every single persona may not benefit from every single plan. This is why you need to choose and pick the policy that is best suited for you. Take a look at this article to know how you can select the best Star Health Insurance plan for yourself and your family.

Tips to find the best Star Health Insurance plan

Follow the tips by Turtlemint mentioned below and you will know which is the best and most suitable Star Health Insurance plan for you:

Know your requirements 

Begin by making a truthful list of your requirements. As we all know, health insurance needs are not universal and every family has their own requirements. Calculate how much health insurance you, as well as the other members of the family need. Also, look at any specific health threats that may be present. For example, if there is a family history of cancer, you can benefit from having a cancer protection medical cover. Then, look at the ages of the different family members to understand how much health insurance would be needed and in what form. Once you correctly assess the needs, it will become a lot easier for you to find the ideal health insurance policy from Star Health Insurance.

Scan the list of plans

Once you know the type and volume of health insurance needed, you need to find an appropriate plan. For this, you need to go over the extensive list of the Star Health Insurance plans. There are many plans available from this insurance provider. Look at the plans, go over the policy wordings and identify the specific covers available. Choose the plan that would match your requirements in the closest manner. Do not rush over this step as then you would get confused and end up with a plan that’s of little use to you.

Make a budget

The different health insurance plans from Star Health are priced differently. While you would obviously want to get the best plan with the highest possible cover, you have to ensure the policy is affordable. Thankfully, the plans from Star Health Insurance are very economically priced so finding a good cover in your budget may not be a difficult task. Make a budget before you start shopping for health insurance as that will help you to find a plan within your price range.

Look at other covers

It is common for most people to have an employer-provided group health cover. If you have a group health cover, see how much health insurance you have and who benefits from it (self, partner, kids, parents, etc). The plan you buy from Star Health Insurance should be comprehensive enough to cover all the gaps in your group health cover. Your group health plan is good, but the Star Health Insurance plan will act as double security and always be there with you, irrespective of your employment status.

Assess family size

This is a very obvious point, but still many people overlook it. To get the most effective health insurance cover, you need to see how large your family is and who the members are dependent upon you. If you just have a dependent spouse, then a small health cover for the two of you would be enough. If it’s your spouse and two kids, a slightly larger cover will be needed and if it’s your spouse, kids and parents, a much larger cover will be needed. So before you buy the ideal policy, see how large or small your family is.


If you find two or more plans that match your requirement, do a thorough comparison between them. Check everything from the price to the exact covers to the riders available. Comparing the different health insurance plans is a great way to locate the best and the most effective cover and also to find the best plan at the best possible rate. All the brochures of the different mediclaim plans are available on the website of Star Health Insurance so you can easily skim through them and compare the health plans available.

Look for renewability options 

Most of the medical insurance covers from Star Health Insurance have excellent features. However, the renewability options differ from plan to plan. You should ideally look for a policy that offers lifelong renewability. Keep this point in mind when you look for the best Star Health Insurance policy for yourself and your family.

Choose the correct policy duration

Many of the Star Health Insurance policies are available for longer periods of time, such as two or three years. The plans are also available in the usual one-year tenure. You need to choose the perfect policy duration. It is very advisable to have the long term plans as they offer many benefits. However, if you feel reviewing your health cover each year is a better option, buy a single tenure plan. Understand your own needs and then buy a plan with a tenure that would be best suited for you.

Once you keep these points in mind, it will become a lot easier for you to find and buy the best Star Health Insurance plan for yourself and your family.

The final word

Star Health Insurance has some of the very best plans in the country. Whether you want a comprehensive family floater plan or you want a specific health coverage such as a cancer protection plan, you will find it all from Star Health Insurance. Just keep the points mentioned above in mind and make your selection carefully. As mentioned above, not every single plan may be of use to you. So take your time in understanding the various covers, weighing them against your requirements and then choosing the most appropriate health insurance cover.

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