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8 Exciting Places in Singapore

The small archipelago nation of Singapore incorporates a huge array of activities and things to do. You can see plenty of amazing sights. Be it a fun day outing with family or friends or a well-planned vacation in Singapore, you can never have enough of this modern city-state in maritime South-East Asia.

Be it the refreshing beach vibes of Skyline Luge and adventurous iFly Singapore has bountiful thrilling activities. By acquiring S.E.A Aquarium Singapore tickets and Adventure Cove Waterpark tickets, you can have a wonderful time with your family at these unique sites.

So, if you are planning to visit Singapore, you should include the following 8 exciting places in Singapore in your trip:

8 Exciting Places in Singapore

1. S.E.A Aquarium:

Located on the Sentosa resort island of Singapore, it is one of the finest creations by humans. One of the largest aquariums in the world, it houses more than 1 lakh marine animals. By purchasing the S.E.A Aquarium Singapore Tickets you can skip the long queues and book your reservation in advance. You can witness more than 1000 species like bottlenose dolphins, hammerhead sharks, and stingrays across 49 habitats. Besides, watch an educational program about marine creatures and sea life.

2. Adventure Cove Waterpark:

Another major attraction of Sentosa island is the Adventure Cove Waterpark. It is South East Asia’s one-and-only marine and aquatic life park. Boasting of high-speed and thrilling rides and water slides, it will provide a fun-filled vacation. You should not miss enjoying South East Asia’s 1st hydro-magnetic coaster. Go snorkeling over 20,000 tropical fish over a colorful reef. All these activities and many more become swiftly accessible through Adventure Cove Waterpark tickets. So, don’t forget to grab one before visiting this interesting place.

3. Supertree Grove:

Located in the Gardens by the Bay, it is a unique vertical garden with 18 human-made electronic tree structures. Rising above 50 m above the ground, they provide shade during the day. At night they come alive with a brilliant music and light show, known as the Garden Rhapsody. You should go up to the Observatory on the tallest Supertree for a close encounter with the iconic giant. Moreover, the platform gives an astounding view of Marine Bay. You can also observe the 162.290 genuine plants in this sustainable garden. Again, you can laze around and walk across the fantastic skyway.

4. Flower Dome Conservatory:

Nestled in the Gardens by the Bay on Sentosa Island, Flower Dome Conservatory is the world’s largest glass greenhouse. You can witness several species of flora and fauna in this innovative megastructure. Inside the eight gardens, you can behold a spectacular diversity of flowers. The themed gardens contain the replica cimatic conditions of Mediterranean regions, Australia, South America, and South African. They also display a soothing riot of colors. Check for yourself the Baobab trees of South Africa, different succulents, and Japanese Sakura. You can download the Plant Explorer official app for detailed information about the plants and flowers of the conservatory.

5. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve:

Located on Singapore’s highest hill by the same name, this nature reserve is small yet influential. The region preserves one of the few primary rainforests in the country. Established in 1883, it occupies a high percentage of the country’s flora and fauna. You can perceive Malayan Colugo, Seraya, Red Dhup, and Greater Racket-tailed Drongo. Explore this unique and less crowded destination on foot, by hiking up the hill, or by bike on the segregated routes. It is also a tranquil and scenic picnic spot, just 12 km from the commotion of Singapore city.

6. Kampong Gelam:

You should visit the Muslim quarter of Singapore on the Muscat Street. It is also the Muslim counterpart to Little India and Chinatown, highlighting Malay history and culture. It is a vibrant neighborhood teeming with a rich heritage, dynamic tradition, bustling eateries, and trendy shops. The striking 19th-century shops turned into modern stores selling varied wares will catch your attention. There are chic boutiques and fashionable watering holes. The Sultan Mosque standing over Arab Street is the most important landmark of this place. Its golden dome imposingly stands out in the crowd. You can also visit the nation’s 1st outdoor gallery, Gelam Gallery to see some excellent works of street art and murals.

7. Haw Par Villa:

Earlier called the Tiger Balm Garden, it is an 8.5-hectare offbeat tourist attraction in Singapore. Built-in 1937, it upholds Asian religion, culture, philosophy, and history in a quirky manner. It can be a great early afternoon activity. Book your ticket online to go through the Buddhist version of Hell in this Buddhist-themed park. This Asian cultural park takes you on a memorable trip through Chinese folklore, stories, mythology, and legends. Gape with wonder at the 150 massive dioramas and more than 1000 statues. You will even marvel at the history and various illustrations of Confucianism. You will be engaged looking at The Ten Courts of Hell are covered by grey stone walls and the monuments dedicated to the Aw brothers.

8. Floating Donut:

You should take a cruise across the city’s iconic Marina Bay in a floating donut. A sunset trip, munching on evening snacks, makes your Singapore trip unforgettable. They don’t go far but stay around the quays. You can also book a daytime ride with a brunch option. Try this unusual attraction of a 30-minute or 1-hour cruise with your gang. On these ring-shaped boats, you can enjoy yummy food and barbeque grills. You can comfortably host mini parties on board. Your private captain will navigate the waters as you have a wonderful time with a maximum of 8 friends. For an ideal romantic gateway, you can book the romantic package where you get champagne with a barbeque grill.


Thus, you can make the most out of Singapore’s prominent tourist attractions when you buy the tickets online. Often, your Singapore travel package includes such passes to popular activities and venues. When booking your tour package, be careful and strike the best deal. It should be flexible and customizable to cater to your tastes, budget, and time limitations.

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