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7 things to consider while buying a backpack 

We love adventure, freedom, and travel. And what is the common thing in all three; Backpack. Whether you buy a backpack for school, travel, or office, you can’t choose random ones. Backpack gives you the freedom to roam around with free hands and carry your essential things with you. That’s why the selection of perfect gear is critical for you.

Well, there are more than thousands of types of rucksacks available in the market and online stores, then, which backpack is the best? It depends on you. If you consider these 7 things, you can quickly narrow down these options to the best one. So, continue to read further to know seven things to consider while buying a backpack.


If you are carrying something most of the day, you must think about comfort first. If it hurts your back or shoulders, it is not a suitable backpack for you. It can injure you.

It is highly recommended to choose such bags that have the backside shape and have shoulder straps and padding. Bags with a backside shape properly distribute weight thought-out your back and shoulders. Make sure it has adjustable shoulder straps and padded hip belts.


High-quality backpacks are made from durable material. Special purpose heavy-duty bags are made of ultra-strong nylon and have YKK-grade zippers with nylon straps. Nylon and polyester are popular and robust bag materials.

A bag will be more durable as heavier fabrics will be. It can last for years. Even leather backpacks are also durable if you take care of them. You should check for these three areas to test durability:

  • Shoulder straps
  • Zippers
  • Base stitching

Content protection

Before buying any bag, you should think about its application. Which things do you want to put inside your bag? Whether it is a book, laptop, or and delicate equipment. It helps you to decide which kind of backpack to purchase.

If you want a college backpack, semi-waterproof material works for you. Shopsees has an excellent collection of such backpacks. 

If you want to carry a laptop, make sure your backpack has a separate compartment for a laptop with padding. It protects your laptop from shock.


Finding a perfect-sized backpack is the most important thing. For this, you can check the torso length as many gears have small to larger torso lengths. So, you should choose them accordingly.

You can also consider the hip size. Your hips should assist the majority of the backpack weight. Many bags also have hip belts to accommodate you. If your bed is too big for you or has a larger torso length, it won’t distribute weight equality and discomfort. This can lead to serious back injury if you neglect this.


Various kinds of bags are available on multivendor marketplaces like Shopsees, such as rucksacks, daypacks, backpacks, and travel bags. So, you need to choose which type of bag you want. For example, if you are traveling a lot, daypacks may not be a good choice for you.

Apart from design, these bag types are also different in size and capacity. So, you need to think about the primary activity for which you want to buy a backpack.

If you are confused about it, you can choose a versatile backpack suitable for any class load. You can put a camera with lenses, one notebook, and a laptop also. You can find such a Backpack for men and women anywhere.


It will help if you match your thoughts with your selection. For example, if you are on a tight budget but want to buy a waterproof backpack, Cotton canvas bags. These bags are pretty popular among college students and travelers.

Backpacks come in other materials like Cordura, Pack-cloth Nylon, Polyester, Rip-stop nylon, and leather. Among these Leather backpacks are the most expensive and stylish ones. Nowadays, this leather is made from whole grains and vegetables. So, it is also organic and looks excellent.


Many people like small compartments inside their backpacks, and many don’t like. If you ask me, I love them. These multiple compartments allow you to store things neatly, and you can put more stuff in comparison to the bag with one compartment.

Multiple compartments also help in weight distribution. Whether the backpack has various compartments or not, it must have a separate pocket for a water bottle because it is crucial to have it on both sides of your bag.

So, which is the best backpack? 

If you are looking for a rucksack for a special activity, I suggest you research yourself and consider these seven things. However, I can recommend one all-purpose backpack. You can use it on a hike, in school and also in the office. Shopsees travel laptop backpack is suitable for many activities.

Hopefully, this article helps you to find the most suitable backpack for you. Comment below if you would like us to write on more similar points.

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