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6 Tips to Secure Online Payments in 2021

Today, the number of online payments being done per day is higher than ever before. Contactless and mobile online payments have seen a remarkable surge. Payment gateway in India has flourished with multiple options and offers customers a variety of payment alternatives. Moreover, the advancement of mobile payment and e-wallet has opened several payout doors for merchants as well as consumers. In parallel to productive payment methods, online payments also carry the potential risk of frauds and data breaches. The e-commerce market has seen considerable data breaches while transitioning funds from payer to payee. Now, consumers are more cautious and taking extra precautions to protect themselves from online forgery or data infringement.

Online Payment Security

A proper channel of cash flow and payment is and will always be on the top of the priority list in business operation. It is the most crucial component for running a business. The evolution of technology has removed the traditional barriers and has redefined the payment gateway. Now businesses and consumers can use the payment gateway of India for transactions involving the trade of goods and services quicker and simpler than ever before. Online payment security is a collective measure providing essential rules and regulations, security, and protection for a safe and seamless transfer of funds through the online channel.

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Essential Tips For Secure Online Payments

Today, India is regarded as the economic hub of the world. It attracts thousands of multinational companies and innovative startups to meet the demand of the consumer market. The advent of digitalization in e-commerce has changed the traditional and lethargic payment gateway of India. Earlier, a signature on the cheque is substantial to prove the legitimacy. However, in the fast-paced world, the rules and mechanisms have been altered. Furthermore, with a rise in contactless and online payment gateway India, the inspection of payment security is essential. Here are a few crucial tips to secure online payments:

2-factor authentication

The online platform is full of hackers waiting to pounce on vulnerable consumers, therefore it is prudent for the consumer to use highly secured 2-factor authorization for online payments. Even if the original password is leaked or stolen under any circumstances, only the user receives OTP via SMS that is required to log in account or to facilitate payments. This extra layer of security protects accounts from unauthorized access. Many banking regulatory bodies have mandated to use this customer-oriented authentication for any digital transactions.

Avoid Communication of Your Relevant Data

Potential hackers always look for relevant bank details and the login id of an individual. It is strongly recommended not to share your data with the unknown under any pretext by mobile phone, SMS,  email, or any other online medium. Many individuals became victims of phishing attacks by innocently sharing sensitive details with hackers. So, be very attentive, any such request should be highly skeptical because most probably, they might be fraudsters.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi and Unfamiliar Computers/Mobiles

Be cautious while doing any online payments, never proceed with your transaction using public wifi. Fraudsters can easily intrude into a public Wi-fi network and probably hack your login details. Also, avoid using an unfamiliar source to make a financial transaction, strictly use personal mobile or computer only to avoid any sort of misfortune.

Use Trusted Payments Provider

It is worthwhile to use a trustworthy and reliable payment gateway to experience safe online payments. Despite various reforms and regulations, payment gateway India has several fraudulent platforms which are still in operation. Hence, choose the platform that is very much transparent and has enhanced security measures.

Follow Payments Guidelines and Educate Yourself

In spite of having the best secure gateway, fraud activities happen primarily due to human negligence. Therefore, it is important to be updated with payment guidelines provided by the financial institutions. Further, educate yourself and others about the fundamentals of online payments. One should be able to verify transactions, recognize unusual payment patterns and immediately report suspicious activity.

Check Essential Security Compliance

Before going for the showdown, it is advised to check all the requisite security protocols for payment stakeholders of payment gateway India such as:

  • Look for an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate for an e-commerce site, it ensures customer details are encrypted and secure.
  • Make sure your provider is compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) for an additional layer of security.
  • Tokenization- It is a modern technology that improves payment security. In this, the original card data is replaced by the digital identifier called ‘token’. Further, it also reduces data breaches and eliminates the need for storing card details.

With the rise in the frequency of online payments, businesses and consumers must take an essential step to make a mutual ground for a safe and secure payment mechanism with convenience. The modern payment gateway India has seen unprecedented changes in the recent few years. By ensuring effective online payment security, we make a reliable path for running a more credible and secure business.

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