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5 Ways Football Fans Can Prepare for a Brand-New Set of Games During Offseason

It’s been over two months without the NFL and most loyal supporters are already getting angsty while they await a new season of highly anticipated matchups.

This time of year is dreaded amongst dedicated football fans, as there are no games on T.V. and no sports parties or tailgates to attend during the weekends. A major question lulls in the air: how are gridiron enthusiasts supposed to feed their fandom when the league is in the offseason?

Well, contrary to popular belief, there are actually several ways to stay entertained in the world of football even without live faceoffs. Here are our top five.

Host an NFL Draft Watch Party  

Even if your fandom seems to take a rest during the offseason, players never do. Between training camp, weekly practices, and the NFL draft, there is much to do in preparation for another packed 17-game football schedule.

With that being said, why not adapt your normal game viewing party into one for watching the most important football recruiting event of the year. The NFL draft is televised in real-time on the league’s main network, and fans can watch live as each franchise gears up to choose new talent over the course of seven rounds.

Prepare some themed snacks, decorate the house, and invite over your closest group of fellow fans to enjoy this annual program that has the power to change the entire course of the season for various organizations.

Start Analyzing the Expert’s Picks 

It’s never too early to begin analyzing your team’s odds for a new set of games. Although the season isn’t set to kick off until early September, industry experts are already studying team records, possible draft selections, and other crucial data to determine which organizations are most likely to win each matchup.

When games aren’t in session, fans have even more time to review football predictions that cover every franchise in the NFL. Since sports betting is a big part of the modern football enthusiasts’ fandom, supporters can set up a plan beforehand to decide which players and teams are most equipped to win division seats and major championships.

Spice up your draft
Spice up your draft viewing gathering with some tasty football themed snacks

Purchase a New Jersey

With the offseason already in full swing, your favorite NFL jersey has most likely been occupying a space within your laundry basket since mid-February. The absence of games can be a great time to think about buying some brand new fan clothes.

Take an inventory of your current jersey wardrobe and consider donating or selling those items that you don’t wear to make space for fresh gear.

Upgrade your Television Set

Offseason is the ideal opportunity to swap out your old television set for a brand new flat screen. What could be better than entering a new series with HD resolution technology that makes you feel like you’re experiencing the game on the field as it happens?

Why not recycle your old television and get to work researching an upgraded version for better game viewing gatherings? When your friends return from their offseason viewing hiatus, they’ll be more than happy to come over for a football watch party that rivals the best cinematic experience.

Make a Budget

You may be thinking what does financial planning have to do with NFL fandom? Well, making a list of the games you would like to attend during the season and a corresponding budget to support these desires is a great way to spend this annual free time.

Additionally, such actions like buying new fan gear or purchasing a different T.V. are made easier after you’ve already allocated money for those activities. If you happen to be an avid online budgeter, create a specific tab in your plan entitled “sports” or “fandom funds” so you’re aware of how much you’re spending each month.

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