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5 Signs You Might Be Gambling Too Much

      5 Signs You Might Be Gambling Too Much 


Most of us see gambling and sports betting as recreation, as something that is a great way to spend a couple of hours occasionally, while those more passionated would practice going to casinos over weekends once in a while. However, there is a fine, invisible line that separates recreation from addiction.5 signs of gambling which shows you that you could not cross limits. In most cases, a gambler realizes that he has gone over the edge when it’s too late.


Too much gambling can drastically affect your life quality, in a negative way. However, it’s very hard to realize when you’re getting too close to that aforementioned line that stands between occasional gambling and addiction. According to some statistics, more than 2 million Americans are gambling too much and we are pretty sure that things aren’t much different in other parts of the world either.

Therefore, here are some signs that clearly indicate you’re gambling too much and which tell it’s time to slow down.

You Are Spending Too Much Money

This is the first and most obvious indicator. One of the first things that come to mind is knowing when to stop. If you’re able to set your financial limits and stick to them during a gambling session, you’re okay. If you’re going over those limits, things aren’t good. Spending more than you can afford is a perfect way to devastate not just you but the people around you as well, and the odds are never in your favor. And only a small amount of games, like poker, have any skill involved.

Of course, if you stand extremely well in a financial way, that doesn’t mean you can gamble more than others. Just take a look at your best and you’ll know where you are. If your wagers go beyond rational, it’s obvious you’re spending too much, no matter how wealthy you are.

You Gamble More To Recover Losses

This is a common symptom of gambling addiction. Of course, we won’t call you an addicted just because you practice to put more money to recover losses. It’s all about keeping control and if you stick to your planned budget, it will hurt less than to lose even more money. The chances of getting back the lost money are almost zero, but many gamblers practice this anyway. They see this as a solution to recover their losses but in practice, this nothing more than throwing good money.

You Go Extreme In Finding The Money For Gambling

Another thing that clearly shows you’re taking gambling way too seriously. Compared to other indicators, this is something that people around you will notice as well. The way this goes is pretty typical. It all starts with spending all the money from your bank account. Credit cards are next in the line and once they dry out as well, you start to borrow money from your family and friends. This is when things have already become critical and your last chance to stop and get back on a course again. If not, frauds, theft, and other criminal activities are the next things that’s going to happen.

You Put Gamble Before Other Things


It has been mentioned above, gambling is nothing more than a type of recreation, and spending a couple of hours a week seems more than okay. When you know 5 signs of gambling then it is easy to overcome. However, if you start to push hard, gambling will soon become your primary activity. And now it’s so easy to just find new casinos online everywhere. For example, you won’t be spending time with your friends and family, you will miss important events. That leads to losing friends, breakups, etc. This will end with missing time at work and risking your professional career.


Your Health Has Been Negatively Affected


Gambling has a pretty negative effect on people’s health and that can be manifested in different ways. Of course, you probably think of physical condition first and this aspect includes things like sleeping problems and other stress consequences. However, the psychological aspect of this problem has been often overlooked. So, if you show signs of remorse, that means you’re aware of your problem. On the other side, there are many details in behavior that aren’t such indicative. A decrease in ambition, easy irritation, communication difficulties are some of the signs.

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