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5 Risks of Construction Projects

Flaws in construction project management can affect a project’s timeline. These flaws can include bidding and cost overruns. Lack of transparency and clear vision are also common problems.

As a result, construction project managers must be proactive to avoid these pitfalls. This means using tools like Gantt charts to improve foresight. Construction projects can also face delays due to bad weather or a subcontractor dropping the ball.

1.      Bid peddling

Bid peddling is a problem that affects the way construction projects are managed. Eighty percent of construction contractors know that others have engaged in this practice and twenty-two percent admit to engaging in it themselves.

This practice is especially prevalent during an economic downturn when contractors scramble for any profit they can get on their bids. However, there are ways to prevent or mitigate the problem.

The practice of bid peddling can distort the free market and discourage interested subcontractors from preparing competitive bids. This decreases competition and drives up construction prices. Both the general contractor and subcontractors benefit from this practice, but it also causes problems for the project.

2.      Lack of clear vision

The lack of clear vision in construction project management can cause major problems for a project, including delays and cost overruns. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including poor forecasting, unworkable deadlines, and employee burnout. It can also affect the quality and productivity of the project.

Having a clear vision for a construction project is vital for its success because it eliminates confusion and unnecessary efforts. Lack of a clear vision also results in gaps and duplication of effort and can create problems with constructive communication. In addition, a lack of clear roles can lead to finger-pointing and excuses.

3.      Lack of transparency

Transparency is a crucial ingredient for successful construction projects. Without it, project managers and laborers struggle to communicate effectively.

Lack of transparency can lead to poor teamwork and conflict. A transparent team will share better ideas, skills, and techniques, and it will improve productivity and improve success rates.

Transparency is vital to keeping projects on time and on budget. This means that all parties involved in a construction project must know what the other party is doing.

Of course, there will be challenges and obstacles throughout the project, but a commitment to transparency will allow all parties to meet and decide on the best course of action quickly.

4.      Cost overruns

Cost overruns can occur for many reasons, but they are usually tied to inaccurate estimates during budgeting or scoping. Other reasons for overruns include labor shortages and materials costs.

Construction project management software such as Jonas Premier is one way to monitor project costs and identify potential causes of overruns. By planning early, a project can be completed within budget and on time.

A lack of communication between project management teams can cause avoidable delays and a waste of resources. These delays can lead to cost overruns in construction project management.

Cost overruns

A contractor will need to add materials and labor to remedy a problem that may have been easily avoided. This extra requirement will impact the original project budget and contribute to the cost overrun.

5.      Lack of coordination

Lack of coordination in construction project management can occur for a number of reasons. This includes the fact that the design process is a multidisciplinary one involving multiple parties and a high volume of design information flow.

This requires interactions among the participants to reach a common solution. This is where coordination can prove to be beneficial. It reduces overloads of the hierarchy and improves information processing capacity.

In addition to this, it also affects the performance of the construction project. Many construction professionals and scholars acknowledge that coordination is essential to the success of a construction project. Therefore, many researchers have studied the connection between coordination processes and the performance of construction projects.

To this end, we conducted a study investigation into different aspects of coordination, including the level of involvement of all stakeholders.

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