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5 Reasons Salons and Spas Need Integrated Payment Solutions

When it comes to client comfort and ease, salons and spas need to frequently revisit the question, “Is our good enough offering still good enough?” Wondering why? Read along. The beauty and wellness industry is characterized by high competition, changing trends, and evolving client expectations. What is in today, goes out tomorrow.  What is easy today, becomes difficult tomorrow. Because of this, salons and spas must always change and use the best technology to give clients a smooth experience. One such solution is an integrated payment system, and in this blog, we explain how an integrated payment solution for your salon and spa can transform the way you do business.  

Revenue Boost

Believe it or not but integrated payments have actually helped boost revenue. Various studies on behavioral science have indicated that the sheer ease of the process makes people willing to spend more. Contrary to the traditional systems, where clients had to settle invoices with either card or walk up to the front desk / POS terminal to physically present the card, integrated payment solutions allow clients to settle invoices through their handheld devices and in just a few clicks. Whether it is purchasing services and products or buying gift cards, with integrated payment systems completing any transaction doesn’t take more than a few taps. The elimination of pain and the dullness of the process of physically presenting the card or handling the cash, not only helps in boosting client comfort but also makes them spend more.

Better Branding

In our otherwise busy daily lives, we appreciate all things that can be accomplished with minimal effort, and integrated payments for salons and spas offers clients the opportunity to exercise minimal effort. Salon management software, which comes with an integrated payment solution eliminates the need for either the clients or the businesses to switch portals or log into a different system or enter additional information to process payments. Instead, this salon management software is designed to seamlessly exchange data between the CRM module, booking and invoicing module, and the payment module such that it can automatically raise invoices and process payments by simply retrieving the previously stored data. Clients can leave immediately after the service without having to wait at the front desk. As a result, clients understand that not only do you value their time but also you strive to provide them with an excellent experience, which is rewarded both in terms of loyalty and a better image of your brand.

Reduced Administrative Work

The integrated payment system isn’t only meant to benefit the client, but also the business. By working in a complete handshake with other operations, the system reduces the administrative work involved with raising invoices, processing payments, reconciling records, and preparing accounts. As a result, it improves the productivity of your staff and allows them to spend more time attending to client needs, and frees up the front desk to answer more questions.

Robust Reporting

An integrated payment solution assists in real-time reporting. The seamless data transfer between the payment processing system, and accounting system, allows for more accurate reporting and helps you better understand the cash flow situation of the business. Additionally, since the payment solution is equipped to handle multiple methods, it also helps you gather insights into how your clients’ preferences, keep a tab on the discounts provided (referral and promotional), and income by way of utilizing loyalty rewards.

Works Anytime and Anywhere

An inherent advantage of incorporating integrated payment for salons and spas is that it works anywhere, and anytime, thus allowing the clients complete flexibility and peace of mind. For instance, Zenoti Pay, the integrated payment system for salons and spas allows clients to utilize the full host of benefits. It enables the business to accept through multiple channels such as cards, mobile wallets, and through payment gateways. Further, through its single interface and seamless data exchange with the Zenoti salon software’s CRM module, the integrated payment solution also allows for seamless redemption of gift cards, avail referral bonus discounts, and use of loyalty points. In fact, such a seamless is an experience in that clients do not need to go back and forth to retrieve any information.  The salon management software seamlessly exchanges data and auto-retrieves the information. Clients can simply conduct transactions with just a few taps.

Over and above these 5 reasons, integrated payments for salons and spas also have additional benefits. While there is multiple software available in the market that offers an integrated payment solution for the beauty and wellness industry, as a salon owner or manager you must exercise due caution. Given the sensitivity of the information that these integrated payment solutions are meant to handle, it is important that you should only choose systems that are fully PCI compliant. Zenoti salon software is one such PCI-compliant solution, which keeps the client’s data secure through tokenization and encryption, thus offering complete peace of mind.

Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.
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