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5 Reason why Spain is The Best Place to Study Abroad

Study abroad is genuinely a life-shifting experience. There are personal, academic, and even professional advantages of studying abroad. It’s an opportunity to go to something new and frightening or to completely submerge yourself in something you know well.

Reasons to Study in Spain:

Following are five reasons why you should study in Spain.

Affordable Prices:

Olé Languages by Spanish language schools in Spain; provide the best teaching quality at a lower price than other Spanish schools in Barcelona. You can study at an affordable price in Spain. There are different types of courses about Ole language such as Intensive Course having 20 lessons per week. Semi-Intensive Course having 10 lessons per week, Evening course having 4 lessons per week. On the other hand; long-term courses, conversations, private lessons, DELE preparation courses included. All these courses have affordable prices. You can have some discount on these courses. If you enroll yourself with two of your friends. Also; you can get a free grammar book if you enroll in the intensive course for six or more weeks. However; you will have free air-conditioned classrooms, computers with internet facility, Skype + Messenger, internet, library with DVDs and reading material, self-study material language exchange, certificates, fax & photocopies.

Mediterranean Lifestyle:

Olé is situated in closeness to the center point of the town. In only ten minutes by foot, you arrive at Placa Catalunya. The actual school is arranged on Carrer Mallorca. A charming zone with numerous bistros, bars, and little shops. There you can experience a variety of food. Activities are a fundamental piece of a complete submersion program for learning Spanish and its lifestyle. Consistently, we coordinate an energizing activities program joining fun and learning. Thus; it’s the ideal chance to make new friends during your involvement with Barcelona. Thus; enjoy its beautiful weather with new friends.

Making Friends Easily:

So; many students come to Spanish language school in Spain every year. They come from various nations from everywhere in the world. However; an energizing blend of identities and social foundations makes learning at Olé a remarkable intercultural experience.

The majority of our students come from various parts of Europe. Although we have individuals from all continents that choose to learn Spanish and are anxious to find and inundate them in Spanish culture. Therefore;  from more than 60 different countries students come to practice Spanish. They improve their fluidity here and make new friends every year.

Beautiful History and Culture:

Spain has many different cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. Barcelona is situated on the coast of northeastern Spain. It is the capital of Spain. It is also the autonomous community of Catalonia. Also; it is an economic, cultural, and financial center. Also; it is a biotech and transport hub. Many people all over the world went to learn Spanish courses in Barcelona. Madrid is also a populous city in Spain. It possesses the modern infrastructure and preserves history. The historical landmarks include Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace of Madrid; Royal Theatre. While other places include Buen Retiro Park, National Library, Golden Triangle of Art, and Paseo del Prado. Valencia is the third-largest city of Spain. It is situated on the bank of Turia and fronting the Gulf of Valencia on the Mediterranean Sea.

Night style:

You can meet up with Olé Staff and students on weekly welcome meetings one time a week. Olé welcomes a casual party in the city center. It’s available to all students of the school. The thought is to meet, blend, and know about one another. While investigating the city’s urban nightlife. Also, you can meet new individuals at a student dinner party. You can enjoy films in Spanish, and go on picnics. Also; you can enjoy after school drinks. Last but not the least you can part of our extremely famous Olé Meet Up; completely coordinated by Olé.

However; all these reasons pave the base for studying in Spain is the best way. As you can learn the Spanish language; through an interactive, friendly, and activity–based method.

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