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5 Occasions to Wear Dress Shirts To

Wear Dress Shirts a nice dress shirt is considered a staple in a man’s wardrobe – but how do you know when you are supposed to wear it? While you definitely don’t want to be underdressed, you don’t want to be overdressed either.

The good news is that overall, men’s dress shirts are pretty versatile when it comes to style and fit. Some dress shirts are more casual than others, Wear Dress Shirts like the untucked style, while others are extremely formal and should be reserved only for special occasions.

All of this can seem a bit convoluted and confusing but don’t worry – this post will help outline some of the occasions that you should wear dress shirts to and exactly what level of formality you want to aim for.

Job Interview

The first occasion that you should wear a dress shirt too is a job interview. If you wear anything else, you probably aren’t going to get the job! Wear Dress Shirts a great outfit that will allow you to have a great first impression. And show the manager that you are serious about the job. When dressing for a job interview it is often a good idea to go with a classic white dress shirt and tie. Depending on the job you are interviewing for, you can decide to go with a jacket as well or not. However, if you aren’t really sure about the jacket, the best thing. That you can do is to err on the side of caution and wear it. After all, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed! When it comes to accessories, a nice pair of dress shoes and a nice watch is a great option. That will leave you looking and feeling good before your big interview.

Wedding (Guest)

Wear Dress Shirts the next occasion that you should wear a dress shirt is a wedding that you are attending. Of course, you will be wearing a dress shirt at your own wedding so let’s focus mainly on wedding guest attire instead. Since that can be a little bit more complicated. The type of dress shirt, tie, and jacket that you should wear will depend on the event’s location, time, formality, and season. The best indication of how formal you should go will be the dress code located on the invitation. In most cases, it’s safe to assume that a dark-colored suit with a light-colored dress shirt and tie will suffice.

Church Wear Dress Shirts

Another occasion that you should wear a dress shirt too is a church. The exact style of dress shirt will depend on how formal your church is. If you attend a really traditional church then you should wear a dark-colored suit with a light shirt and possibly a tie. However, if you attend a more contemporary church. A white or blue dress shirt and dark or khaki pants with no tie would be a great fit.

First Date Wear Dress Shirts

The next occasion that you should wear a dress shirt too is on a first date. Obviously you want to look good and make a good first impression! The location of your date will determine the level of formality but on a typical dinner date. It’s a good idea to wear a modern dress shirt and khaki pants in order to look sharp but not overly formal.


The last occasion that you should wear a dress shirt is a fancy event like a banquet or a show at the theater. These events are often pretty formal and your dress should reflect that. You should wear a dress shirt, dark pants, and possibly a tie or a jacket depending on the specific event.


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