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5 Must Have Canvas Wall Art Prints for 2020

Selecting art for your home or interior space is a great way to express your feelings while adding value to the design. It’s an important process when decorating any room because art prints can tie your entire idea together. What you choose to put up says a lot about you, so you want to take time when purchasing your pieces.

This can be a time consuming and overwhelming process to begin. Thankfully, we’re here to let you in on the must-have canvas wall art prints for the new year. Moreover, we’ve narrowed down some of the boldest, statement-making art pieces that we know you need to have. These are some of the trendiest and most popular canvas wall art prints that are available today.

Line Art

Every minimalist and maximalist needs to check outline art. This extremely trendy form of art is inspired by the drawings of both Picasso and Matisse. Line art is typically made of simple black lines on a clean white background. These types of canvas wall art prints are bold and can take inspiration from any classic or modern piece of art. The simplicity of these designs goes well in any type of environment. Line art is a must-have canvas wall art print for 2020!

Female Figures Prints

Further female empowerment is being celebrated across the world, so why not translate it into art? A canvas print highlighting the female body or any form of empowerment is a must-have for this new year. Moreover, we’ve become more obsessed with the human body than ever, which is why this type of art is becoming increasingly popular.

Further, this trend showcases strong women and the beauty of different female role models. A canvas print of your favorite female figure will look great hanging in your office or your bedroom. This is definitely one of the must-have wall art prints for the year 2020.

Nostalgic Designs Prints

Retro and vintage canvas wall art prints are making a huge comeback in interior decor. People are looking for classic pieces that have been modernized for today. Moreover, that is why more and more artists are integrating modern designs into famous pieces.

Nostalgia will always exist, especially with design. The vintage-inspired pieces will continue to add aesthetic to any room you place them in. Further, Everyone can appreciate a well-known piece of art, which is why you need to add a nostalgic design to your space.

Engaged Art Prints

The message can be about female empowerment, politics, or something philosophical. The canvas print will be relatable and most likely comical. With so many to choose from, engaged art makes it easy to personalize any space you’d like.

This could be your favorite song lyric, quote, or a personalized message of your choice. These two types of canvas wall art prints are a must-have for the new year.


The increasing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products has brought an earthy color scheme back into many interior designs. Botanical canvas wall art prints continue to be trendy and look good in any space. A botanical canvas print will tie your space together and create harmony within your design.

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