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5 Common House Buying Errors and How to Avoid Them

Time to buy a new house! You’re feeling good about it until you start comparing house prices. Then, the overwhelming feeling of stress begins to set in.

Now is not the time to panic. Learning about house buying errors and how to avoid them will help you form the best house hunting strategy.

Let’s start with the five most common house buying errors.

1.    Don’t Jump In Too Soon

Sometimes, you need to evaluate your finances properly before you jump into shopping around for a house.

This includes looking at your savings, evaluating your housing budget, and making yourself aware of all the financial steps you will need to take before buying a house, like checking your credit report.

2.   Don’t Accept Until You’ve Seen Your Options

It can feel tempting to throw out an offer for the first house you find yourself drawn to, but it is also important to take in the housing marketing as a whole.

Make sure you are looking at all options for houses and comparing house prices before you make an offer and then accept the counter-offer.

3.   Don’t Forget About Getting Pre-Approval for a Mortgage

While it is not required to get a mortgage pre-approval, it is something you probably should do, even when pursuing a for sale by owner property.

If your credit score isn’t so great, then a mortgage pre-approval is definitely a good idea for you. You want the person selling you the property to trust that they are making a good sale.

4.   Don’t Skimp on the Down Payment

This is why going over your finances before making an offer on the house is so important. When it gets to paying the down payment, make sure you don’t pay too little.

It may be affordable at the time, but you will be paying for it later with your monthly house payments.

When transitioning to a new house, paying too much per month won’t do you any favors. Try to shoot for a 15-20% down payment.

5.   Buying More Expensive Rather Than Smartly

The more expensive homes are intriguing at times. They may look shiny and new and offer a lot to boot.

That isn’t necessarily the smart thing to do, though.

Your house-hunting strategy should take in all of your options. Besides, a home that is worth less than an expensive one can still have many benefits. For one, it takes less time to pay off.

Avoid These House Buying Errors

When you are comparing house prices, you want to avoid these five house buying errors. Once you have an idea of your finances and take in all options for houses, you can make a more informed decision.

Get your mortgage pre-approval and make a good down payment once you decide to go through with an offer too. Good luck!

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