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5 bad driving habits that damage your car

Top Bad Driving Habits 

Do you think of yourself as a good driver? It is common to place greater trust in our own ability behind the wheel than that of others. But many of us are likely to pick up dangerous bad driving habits after passing our test, some of which could be causing costly damage to our vehicles.

Sales figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show we are buying new cars less often. But whether you want to hold on to yours for longer, or are looking into getting a used vehicle on finance, you’ll want to steer clear of expensive repairs.

Here are five common 5 Bad Driving Habits to avoid.

1. Resting your hand on the gearstick

One of the first things many of us are taught is to keep both hands on the wheel. But over time, with no-one looking over your shoulder, it is easy to get lazy. What harm can rest your hand on the gearstick do?

Quite a lot, it turns out. You risk causing wear to your gear selector fork itself through unnecessary pressure.

2. Riding the clutch cause Dangerous bad Driving Habits

To ‘ride the clutch’ is to fail to take your foot off the clutch pedal after changing gear or when carrying out a hill start. Again, this may be because it feels more comfortable or less effort to do so – but poor clutch control can also cause undue wear and tear.

3. Failing to avoid potholes and speed bumps

Potholes are known to cause damage to tyres and wheels. It might not be your fault that they are there in the first place – but failing to avoid them where possible could cause unnecessary damage.

On a similar note, driving over a speed bump without slowing down can impact the underside of your car and bodywork.

4. Ignoring warning lights but car indicators available

Ignoring a warning light is unlikely to make it go away and could lead to a breakdown or worse. Common problem areas that can be highlighted on your dashboard include the engine, brakes, power steering, oil, and airbag, and each requires you to stop and seek help immediately.

5. Late braking is the gesture of Bad Driving Habits  

Sudden braking is essential when performing an emergency stop – but rarely otherwise. Trying to anticipate potential hazards or changes in the road ahead will allow you to slow down more gradually, reduce the strain on your braking system, and even save fuel in the process.

Are you guilty of any of these common Bad Driving Habits?

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