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4 Interesting Features of MS Office 2016

MS Office is not just a new MS word and PowerPoint layouts. Ms office 2016  It has a ton of amazing features that are designed to make your work a lot easier.

Today’s Microsoft office is not the same as it is before. The new features take their importance to the next level. If you download the new Microsoft Office 2016 Klucz, you will be able to access the tools that connect to your social media accounts that will help you plan your weekend. It also provides us the facility to separate essential and unimportant emails and many more.

For business users, ms office 2016 there are also a lot of new office features that will help you in real-time collaboration and even better communication. By using these features, you can improve your MS Office experience.

  1. Clutter ms office 2016

What is Clutter? We use Clutter to sort out those low priority messages in your outlook inbox. The idea behind Clutter is to declutter your inbox, ms office 2016 which will hopefully save your time so you can focus on the emails that are most important to you.

The server is keeping track of your emails: ones that you read a lot, and the ones not so much when turned on. Clutter automatically takes those messages that you may have ignored, or that may not be important to you, and they’ve moved into a particular folder called Clutter.

This feature assures that you are save from spam emails, and that tries to hack your personal information. The Clutter consists of filters that separate your relevant emails form unimportant emails.

  1. Skype integration

After many years Microsoft has made cloud document collaboration possible. ms office 2016 now you and your friend can edit a Microsoft word document at the same time without having to save and share the report.

Unfortunately, not all of our mates are from the tech field. And sometimes you need to call them to explain things. With office 2016, you can start a Skype call from within MS Word and Outlook.

This feature is useful because you do not need to start a second application to begin calling. You can click a button, select your partner, and start chatting.

  1. Smart Lookup ms office 2016

Ms office 2016 You know there is already a feature in MS Office that will automatically correct your spelling and also correct your grammatical mistakes. But now MS office takes this feature to the next level. Now you can easily find information about anything on the web.

The method of doing this is, you have to select a word and click on the Smart Lookup. A sidebar appears with a search result. If you want to grab the information of some other word, write inside the search box.

  1. Wunderlist

Ms office 2016 This feature will help you to create an interactive to-do list that you can share with your family and friends and also with your co-workers. You can use it if you want to assign a task? Want to monitor the progress of your workers? Wunderlist helps you to get everything tracked and organized.

Many peoples always forget to do his/her tasks. And because of him, maybe you will be one step behind from your competitors. Here also Wunderlist is helpful because it sends reminders to them. It will allow you to comment on other people’s tasks; you can set due dates if you want to manage your plans.