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3 things to know before getting Botox for the first time

So, you’re thinking about getting Botox, but the thought of having a needle stuck into your skin to eliminate wrinkles sounds terrifying. Additionally, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns, including, what is Botox? What are the benefits? Is Botox painful?

Before getting Botox in Los Angeles, it’s wise to perform your due diligence to understand the procedure, what to expect, and where to start.

What to know before Botox

1. A consultation is vital

As with any medical procedure, selecting a provider that makes you feel comfortable and has the experience required to perform Botox is vital. Typically, experts recommend shopping around by consulting with a few dermatologists or surgeons to find the perfect fit.

This ensures you can compare prices while finding a provider that matches your aesthetic and has a proven track record of delivering complete customer satisfaction. During your initial consultation, ask as many questions as you want and have your dermatologist explain the entire procedure in detail.

2. It’s temporary

Many people often forget that Botox is temporary, and they fail to continuously get treatment every six months to maintain their results. Remember, Botox results aren’t permanent, and if you’d like to have smoother, younger-looking skin for longer, you’ll need consecutive Botox treatments.

3. Avoid meds and supplements

Before getting Botox in Los Angeles, you’ll need to avoid medications such as antibiotics, aspirin, anticoagulants, and ibuprofen. These meds can increase your chances of bruising during treatment. Similarly, avoid taking supplements and antioxidant-rich herbs such as fish oil, cinnamon, multivitamins, and green tea before treatment.

These substances can make your blood vessels frail, and they could prevent clotting. It’s wise to avoid these meds and supplements at least two weeks before getting Botox.

4. Don’t bargain

Although it’s tempting to opt for the lowest Botox price, it isn’t a good idea. Quality Botox injections are quite pricy, and if your treatment price is relatively low, you’re probably getting a diluted dose. This means your provider purchased the Botox from an illegal supplier, which could do more harm than good.

Ultimately, it’s wise to research as much as possible before getting Botox in Los Angeles for the first time.

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