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3 Mod APK review together in a row- PUBG, COC and Free fire

The present time is like convict time. Can’t enjoy your time in this lockdown? But if you want, you can make this time enjoyable and exciting by playing some final feature mod games.

For example, Pubg Mod APK, Clash of Clans Mod APK, Free Fire Mod APK. Surely you know how popular these games are. If you haven’t played these games yet, I’d just say download now.

Pubg Mod APK is a hacked app. This popular game first came out on July 31, 2016. Its inventor is a South Korean developer. 

Clash of Clans Mod APK is a multi-player system game. You have to spend money to play it. Supercell released the game in 2012.

Free Fire Mod APK is another most popular games. 500 M + people downloaded and rated 83 M +. Android and iOS released this game in November 2018.

Features of Pubg Mod APK:

Pubg Mod APK, v0.18.0

Wall Hack: This is a delightful game. Enjoy the fun of killing your enemy. The pubg mod apk version gives you a chance to break the wall and finish the anime one by one. So it becomes easy to win your game. Enemies can enter the wall even if you shoot. So you can manage the game with experience.

Automatic Target: Because of this feature, you don’t have to loot, but you get unlimited bullets. Only a gamer knows how melancholy the game becomes without weapons. With this facility, you can play an exciting game without thinking of firearms. With countless bullets, you can play a great game.

Unlimited UC benefits: To get this benefit, you need to buy Royal Pass. Then you can give beautiful colors to clothes. Car, gun skin shots can be attractive. So you need to buy Royal Pass. Pubg Mod APK allows you to enjoy these benefits for free.

Numerous recovery times: You may be killed by anime when your recovery takes some time. It is a pity that you died due to a delay in recovery during the battle. Pubg Mod APK will save you from this problem.

Realistic Weapons: Everything will feel real to you in this game. If you loot weapons in different houses in different places while you are playing, you will feel as if you are doing it in reality. So the fun of playing this realistic game with friends is different.

It has some more benefits: unlocking all skins, playing without foggy, not being banned, teaming up and not rooting, etc.

You will be attacked at the beginning of the game. That’s when you need to get health care after being injured. If you don’t take health care, your game will end with your death.

But if you know the location of your enemy, you can safely kill the enemy. This way, you will get your life back by knocking again with the help of a partner. 


  1. How is PUBG Mod Hack APK?

The Pubg Hack app version has better and improved features than all the other versions. 

  1. Why would you play PUBG Mod APK, and why not to play PUBG mobile?

This version is advanced and has no substitute for beating any player in the world. You will be able to play much better than pro players.

Features of Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans Mod APK, updated version v13.180.16, was downloaded by 500M+ users.

Clash of Clans will give you a lot of joy and a smooth appearance with reward classes. In the clash of clans mod apk version, you will find Dark Elixir.

You can build a new building in a few moments with gold and gems. You will have the opportunity to use the house at the next level, including the improved hall.

Strengthening the community: In Clash of Clans, you can feel the new company security, which is impossible without Mod APK. Allowing you to manage a lot of troops.

Updating the maximum mod will help build the town hall and improve TH12. Play this Clash of Clans and build your community as an invincible fortress. Create strong fighters as your squad, including barbarians, dragons, hog riders, wizards, and pickles.

You can play with other players. You can protect the village with several cannons, weapons, tower bombs, and walls.

Continuing the fight against the Globin King: You can take your community forward and join millions of players in establishing dynasties and fighting significant families. You can expect victory in the world of conflict.

Clash of Clans Mod APK is a multiplayer body system game. You have to spend money to play the game. In this game, gamers get a society, form train bands, highlight single-player activities to be more robust against other players.

Each soldier is a highly skilled childhood worker. It is a game of face-to-face fighting between players by forming clubs with others to harm the opposing team to protect privacy.


  1. Can I install this app from google play store? 

Yes, you can easily install this app from google play store.

  1. How can I get the COC premium for free?

If you download Clash of Clans’ link, you will get Clash of Clans premium for free. You can also purchase premium if you use real money on the app store.

Feature of Free fire Mod APK:

Free fire Mod APK, v1.48.1, last updated on May 29, 2020

Auto eye and fire: This will fulfill your hobby of winning the game. Don’t despair. It will make your job easier to kill the enemy efficiently and play a game completely safe. You can kill someone before they hit you.

Unlimited Money and UC Earnings: Free Fire Mod APK will give you excellent ways to earn unlimited money and diamonds. This is a great feature. You will be very excited to download the Free Fire Mod APK after seeing these features.

Unlimited Health kit: Will protect you from expiration quickly without being turned into a fitness collection after being injured. Because there are many kits. So, You will get unlimited power.

New Maps: Free fire Mod APK has added new maps to the game to make it easier for you to participate. Kalahari map is attached first. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the game with the help of different plans.

Advantage of shooting: Free Fire does not offer the convenience of killing enemies while swimming in the original version of the game. But even if you swim in the Freefire Mod APK game, you can shoot and destroy the enemy.

Ant Ban: You can play free fire mod apk without fear of being banned. Your account will save you from the frustration to ban. This game is updated automatically.


  1. Is Free Fire Mod APK is best?

It entirely depends on your comment. So, please try this game and put your feedback about Free Fire Mod APK.

  1. What does it mean by mega-Mod?

You can get the limited features of Free Fire Mod APK using Mega Mod.


If you want to make your precious time colorful and exciting, you must download and enjoy these games. Great feature games will give you a lot of pleasure. So pick up your game from And don’t forget to share this post.

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