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13 Reasons Why Season 3: Review and Written Update, Who Killed Bryce and Monty?

As Netflix has dropped the whole bundle of 13 episodes of 13 Reasons Why Season 3, fans heads on to binge it to find out who killed Bryce amid the revelation of many dark secrets.

Well, 13 Reasons Why is now much more than just a series to highlight the reasons behind a high school girl’s suicide. 13 Reasons Why has now become an exploring giant to let us know what the teens actually go through meanwhile coping up with their inner fears, evils, lust, the thirst of love, and attention. It’s now moving on to take us deep down in the lives of the liberty school students and let us explore their dark secrets.

Certainly, 13 Reasons Why is remarkably blowing-up the drastic truths of our lives, the impact of the way society bully us and let us drown in the world of darkness.

So, if you are not able to watch 13 Reasons Why Season 3, or have watched it but still confused over what happened and eager to know what will happen next then go ahead reading this article.

In 13 Reasons Why Season 3, we came up with the sudden and shocking death of Bryce Walker who was good for nothing. Certainly, it won’t be wrong to declare Bryce as a monster who spoiled many lives and was a rapist. Anyhow, it’s quite possible that Bryce was trying to change into a good being, maybe!

So, Bryce was a monster who caused severe damage to many of his liberty high school fellows including Hannah Baker, but who killed him?

13 Reasons Why Season 3: Recap

As we begin watching 13 Reasons Why Season 3, we came to know it could be any one of the students some of which were very close to or against Bryce. Even his Ex-girlfriend Chloe, who was pregnant but aborted her child and left Bryce, could have done this. Another suspect was none other than the one whom Bryce raped and that is Jessica. It’s quite possible that Jessica could kill him while taking revenge from him for the brutality he showed to her.

Apart from these girls, it could be Clay who texted Bryce some threatening notes as he wanted him dead (because Bryce raped his best friend, Hannah). Or else, it could be Alex, who had on and off good terms with Bryce amid Steriods smuggling which could have triggered Alex to kill Bryce to bury down the whole mess. Well, there’s a lot more hidden about Alex which connects him to Bryce.

Let me tell you another thing, in 13 Reasons Season 3, we came across another character, Ani who narrated all of the episodes of 13 Reasons Why Season 3. Ani was one of the old allies of Bryce from his previous school. There’s more yet to come about Ani and Bryce. Anyhow, throughout the whole season, we saw Ani, and Clay together investigating and figuring out who could have killed Bryce. So, as the series progressed, both of them come closer and started dating each other which Ani revealed at the end of Season 3.

Moreover, in Season 3 we saw Tyler coping up with his disturbed mental state as Monty sexually assaulted him, and he, in turn, being violent tried to cause violence among high school students. We also saw Clay seeing the same counselor as his mental state was worsening his life. Moreover, we saw Zatch behaving weirdly too, but why?

Keep going to know all about 13 Reasons Why Season 3.

Some Dark Secrets

Some dark secrets came up throughout the whole season. Such as Ani slept with Bryce, and Clay also witnessed both of them kissing on the Homecoming night. Meanwhile, Jessica whom Bryce raped get indulged in an on-off relation with Alex but ended it soon and moved on with Justin (whereas Justin in his childhood was also sexually assaulted). So, the Zatch left, well, he was the one who helped Chloe securing her abortion and stayed by her side in that difficult time. And that’s why Bryce ended up breaking Zatch’s leg as he stole his girlfriend. Anyhow, Chloe decided to move on without Zatch.

And the most important one, Bryce was somehow trying to change himself, and also decided to seek apology from Jessica for what he has done with him. That’s unexpected though! But then we found out a dead, blue body of Bryce drowned in the river!

So, now, let me jump to the most-awaited part of 13 Reasons Why to figure out how Bryce was killed.

Homecoming Night- When Bryce was Killed

It was the night of homecoming game, where Zach and Bryce had a fight and left the field with bruises and swelled eyes. Anyhow, the fight didn’t stop there as Zach followed Bryce to the place where Bryce called Jessica to meet him after the game ends. Meanwhile, Zach severely injured Bryce and broke one of his leg and arm leaving not even being able to walk an inch to ask for help.

So, after Zatch left, Jessica came there to meet Bryce but she wasn’t alone who came there. Alex also came with Jessica as she feared to meet Bryce all alone as he was the one who raped her. Before revealing the truth let me tell you another thing, Jessica and Alex had some sort of intimacy and developed a relationship with each other after Bryce spoiled and Raped Jessica. Well, let’s get back to the point. So, when Jessica came to meet him, Bryce handed-over a tape in which he confessed all of his crimes including whoever he has raped and all that. Moreover, he asked Jessica to forgive him. Anyhow, Jess somehow agreed to forgive him but Alex meanwhile helping Bryce to get up, ended up drowning him in the nearby river.

Here the question arises why Alex killed Bryce? So, the answer is that Alex ended up killing Bryce because he thought that Bryce’s such a monster who raped two of his friends Hannah, and Jessica, and also spoil many other lives.

They All Framed Monty for Bryce’s Murder

Let’s throw some light on 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Episode 13 which revealed to us that what actually happened on homecoming night, and how Alex ended up killing Bryce.

So, how all this came up? Who else knows that Alex killed Bryce? Let’s figure out!

As Ani, Clay, Standall, and rest of the characters were trying to figure out who actually killed Bryce while working on their own terms, they came across the truth. Meanwhile, Zatch believed that he was the one who killed Bryce but then he came to know that Bryce didn’t die because of those injuries that he gave him instead he died of drowning.

So, it was Alex who pushed Bryce off the edge and left him to drown and die. But what actually blows-up is that Monty followed Bryce on the Homecoming Night and ended up killing him. Well, this’s wrong, we all knew that Monty stayed there with one of his old allies and slept with him. So, he wasn’t the one who did so.

So, when Clay and Ani doubted on Jessica and Alex, meanwhile Tyler, Justin, and Zatch were also there, and Charlie too, they somehow succeeded in getting the truth out their mouths. After knowing about the whole truth, they all together decided to frame Monty who was in jail at that time as Tyle filed a report on him for sexually assaulting him.

They somehow succeeded in planting Bryce’s tape recording in Monty’s locker and manipulate the police to believe that Monty was the one who killed Bryce as he threatened in front of everyone that he won’t spare Bryce.

Anyhow, it all doesn’t end here as by the end of season 3 we get to know about another murder. And the one whose murder news came up is none other than Monty.

Someone in the jail killed Monty, and here another mystery begins.

In the final shots, we saw the guy with whom Monty slept the Homecoming Night, came up saying that Monty didn’t deserve dying like this, and he wasn’t the one who killed Bryce. So, in 13 Reasons Why Season 4, we will get to know who killed Monty, and that guy, Winston, with whom Monty hooked up that night, knows that Monty didn’t kill Bryce, so this will hype the fourth and final season.

Stay tuned to know more about 13 Reasons Why as we will keep updating you with the recent updates!


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