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10 Online Careers Anyone Can Try

With the coronavirus still doing its work around the world, many of us are still trapped indoors or unable to venture too far out. While that’s the case, we may be looking for alternative jobs or ways to earn money. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to look for jobs that can mostly or entirely be done from the comfort of your own home. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can make some serious money, either working a normal job from home or without actually working a conventional job. Of course, working from home and working online present their own challenges, but they can be overcome with enough dedication and time investment.

So, what are the jobs you can do from home? You might think that you’re not qualified to work certain jobs simply because you don’t have the experience or you aren’t aware of what’s needed in order to take those jobs. The fact is that there are many jobs anyone can do regardless of experience; entry-level positions exist in almost all sectors, so not having experience should never be a barrier for you. Whether it’s tutoring or online casino gaming (yes, really), there are plenty of options out there no matter where your particular skill set lies. Here are 10 online careers that pretty much anyone can try without leaving the comfort of their home office.

1. YouTuber

Have you got some fun creative ideas you’d like to share with people? Why not think about becoming a YouTuber? Making money on the platform can be quite difficult depending on what kind of content you’d like to create, so this probably shouldn’t be your first career choice until you’ve got a solid following. Still, with reasonable video creation equipment and some good ideas, you’d be surprised how quickly YouTube can start paying dividends. Through avenues like the YouTube Partner Program or ad revenue, YouTube can pay a decent amount of money to any content creator looking to establish themselves. Just be sure not to upset the algorithm.

2. Gaming streamer

Just like becoming a YouTuber, being a gaming streamer can pay dividends if you manage to find a niche into which you fit. Being a streamer requires much more complex equipment than being a YouTuber; you’ll need a reasonably powerful PC with enough graphical horsepower to handle not only the game you’re streaming but also the software with which you’re streaming it. You might also want to get a good mic that picks your voice up well. Riding the wave of popular games works well for streamers, but you could also find a single game that you’re particularly good at and make that the cornerstone of your streaming strategy.

3. Online casino gamer

Believe it or not, you can actually transform online casino gaming into a career if you are skilled enough. Getting started is easy; look for a website where you can place a free bet with no deposit so you can see if online casino gaming is for you, then when you’ve had enough time to think about it, start playing slots, blackjack, and other games to get some cash. It might take a little time before you’re making a serious profit when you’re a professional online casino gamer, but if this is a passion for you, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t turn it into a career. Remember that all successful online casino gamers develop strategies and understand their games, so make sure to brush up!

4. Blogger

Again, it might take a little while until you’re making good money as a blogger (many of these jobs aren’t easy, but they are much more fun than conventional work). If you’re willing to stick with it and explore avenues for financial gain in blogging, though, you could well carve out a niche for yourself. Bloggers make money in a number of ways; through affiliate marketing, by guest posting on other blogs, or even by hiring out their expertise as lecturers or teachers in certain subjects. If you’ve got a decent gift for the written word and you don’t mind putting in some unpaid work before the money starts coming your way, consider blogging.

5. Web designer

The world is always in need of a good web designer. Every business and brand needs its own website; there’s only so far that a presence on social media can take you. An official platform for a brand makes that brand look far more professional, meaning that web designers who can make brands look good are always in demand. You’ll need to learn coding skills, of course, if you want to pursue this line of work, and you’ll need a good eye for what makes a website look great (here’s a hint: don’t skimp on the blank space). If you consider yourself an amateur connoisseur of good web design, then maybe you should try your hand at creating a site yourself.

6. Social media coordinator

In the time of coronavirus, social media is more important than ever. Every brand will now be looking for someone who can successfully coordinate their social media strategy. If you have an ear for social media conversation and like engaging with people on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, now’s your chance to quite literally put your money where your mouth is. The benefit of being a social media coordinator is that you’re gaining valuable experience every time you engage with the comments section of a post or add your own take on an event to your feed. Of course, not everyone can do this job, but if you’re a people person and love social media, this could be for you.

7. Freelance copywriter or proofreader

Brands are always looking for people who can construct an engaging, well-written copy. If you count this among your skillset, why not think about becoming a freelance copywriter? You won’t need to leave your home office in order to write to spec; all you need is a word processing suite like Google Docs or Microsoft Word and some free time. If you’re not interested in writing, you could perhaps look into becoming a freelance proofreader or editor. This simply involves reading others’ copies in order to look for errors or ways in which the copy could be rephrased. Got a great grasp of a language? Think about becoming a copywriter or proofreader.

8. Artist or creative

If you’ve got creative endeavors that you think there might be a market for, you might consider selling those works of art on platforms like Etsy. You’d be surprised what might be in demand; depending on what’s happening in the world, certain works of art or themes are always circulating, so your work could be the next big thing. Selling your artwork isn’t an easy process; this won’t be a quick buck that you can cash in and move on. If you’re passionate about your work, though, it could be a great way to do what you love and to get paid for it. Just be sure that just like on social media, you’re hitting trends when you’re making art.

9. Social media influencer

A little different to being a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer, a social media influencer basically gets paid for living a lifestyle that brands want to be involved with. In order to make money as an influencer, you need to be constantly updating your social media feeds and building followers and likes on your content. It’s not actually that difficult to get started on the road, though; simply pick your preferred area in which to become an influencer and start trying to build followers by posting content that hits hashtags and trends. Before long, you’ll notice that you’re amassing followers and engagement on your content, and that’s when brands will start getting in touch to partner with you.

10. Online course tutor

A lot of teaching has moved online since the advent of the coronavirus, but online course tutors were popular before the virus hit. If you have specialist knowledge in a certain area and would like to share that knowledge with others, then becoming an online course tutor could be a good option for you. For many online course options, you don’t need to have an educational qualification; you merely need to be an expert in your field to offer private tuition as long as it’s to adults. If you do have educational qualifications, tutoring students in preparation for exams could also be a route to take. However you decide to do it, online tutoring can be a lucrative career option.

We hope we’ve proved that there are plenty of ways you can make money in 2020 without leaving your home, even while the coronavirus keeps many of us indoors. With the right level of expertise and knowledge, as well as dedication and passion to succeed, you can make a go of any of these careers. Which of these options is your favorite? Have you already tried any of them? Why not let us know?

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